Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Until It's One Of Their Own

Indianapolis is in the midst of a crime wave now that a State Senator was mugged, of course that didn't seem to be the case last year when there were over 190 homicides in that city. Suddenly it's a crime wave when a politician gets robbed at gun point, forget the average Joe and Jane on the street. Now their mayor is proposing new taxes to combat crime, but truly has no plan to tackle the actual crime problem. Imagine my surprise.

Most of the plan seems to hinge on paying off retiring cops pensions, which have been raided numerous times over the years apparently. That's unlikely to address anything but retired cop crime. Of course folks are all up in arms about crime now that the political criminals are going to reach into their pockets and extract more of their hard earned cash.

Here's my suggestion for reducing crime in Indianapolis. Open up a dozen more public firing ranges and encourage people to defend themselves. 'Fess up to the fact that cops are just history takers and have no legal or contractual obligation to protect people and move on from there. Indianapolis should become a "free gun zone", as opposed to a "gun free zone" which some "experts" would like it to be. Make it a city where the maximum number of people openly carry firearms as a true deterrent. Embrace the Atlanta Declaration and the 2nd Amendment as a way of life and watch crime plummet to unheard of lows. Start a discount gun program for seniors and low income families for self defence weaponry. Take the libertarian road, not the statist path.

Throwing more money into law enforcement, who will then use it to become "proactive" enforcers, will have no impact on crime. Some libertarians would contend that expanding police numbers and powers in the name of public safety is a justifiable function of government. I'm not one of them. Expanding the police state, as this country has done, has created an environment where crime flourishes. The "Wars On" have made crime a lucrative business for cop and criminal alike. There's no stake in reducing crime for police forces. As long as they are not liable for anything they can continue to scream for more money to fight the crime problem which never seems to get better. It's a vicious cycle. Less crime would mean less money. More crime means more money and at the end of the day it's all about the Benjamin's for the Thin Blue Line Gang. And power.

Arm the people of Indianapolis. Encourage ownership and open carrying of firearms so that they can do the job which people erroneously think should be done by the police. It's not the job of the police to protect people. Their task is to enforce the laws of the state and to attempt to solve crimes once they have happened. You are the first line of defence, folks, not the "public safety" people. All that will come of this is higher taxes, more police powers, less freedom and the same or more amounts of crime. There is no public safety where crime is concerned, only individual safety and that starts with us.

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Busy Little Statist Bees

Here it is, January 7th, 2007 and already the state politicians in Indiana are hard at work drafting new laws that will have far reaching effects for the people of the state in which I reside. I stopped in today to take a look at Mike Kole's blog, as I often do and 'lo and behold he had posted a link to information on what the locally elected thugs politicians were up to. No sooner did I get a look than I began to look outward from the local boys and girls clubs to see what was going on in Indiana.

Five days in and these people are already hard at work attempting to further complicate our lives. 179 Senate bills and 41 house bills have already been submitted and more will come along this week, (at least 2 or 3 of which are likely to be infringements on the 2nd Amendment). These new bills run the gamut of the political spectrum. At least two are bills to increase the minimum wage, up to at least $9/hr. One local politician, (a supposed liberal), wants to tie Selective Service registration to Drivers License renewal for 18 year olds. So much for Democrats being anti-war, eh?

At least two bills wish to make it a felony to spit on virtually anyone who is a minion of the state. They're calling it battery by body waste. Another bill wishes to lower the bar on what constitutes a "criminal gang" from 5 people to 3, (this sounds kind of familiar to me....maybe they'll just split the difference?). More pro-life "sex education" and interference. Two state Senators actually wish to make it a crime for a parent to give their child a glass of wine with dinner. How about making the State a victim which is due restitution for prosecuting criminal cases? One of the best, in my opinion is the bill which wants to make clerics of all legislators, the Governor and Lt. Governor, able to preside over marriages!

And there are so many more things they are wishing to do to us. We truly aren't safe when these people are "working". There are a couple that would be of some benefit to people. The one which would insure that people not be disarmed by anyone in an emergency, gun purchase records would no longer be sent to the State Police, lowering of the bar for annexation remonstrances and licensing people who actually know a subject to teach it. By and large, tho the vast majority of things which are going to come forth from these people are going to further erode liberty with their actions. Of course they don't care, they were elected to rule over the people in this state and they're going to damned well do it, regardless of the consequences.

What a way to start the New Year, eh?

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