Monday, April 16, 2007

Tragic Opportunity

As I write this there are over thirty innocent people dead in Blacksburg, Virginia and at least 20 others are wounded. All by the hand of what will likely turn out to be a fellow student who went on a killing spree. A tragedy by any standards and one which elicits no small amount of sympathy from me. I feel for the families of those slain and wounded, I cannot imagine the grief they are undergoing at this moment.

A greater tragedy will soon enough begin to occur, as a direct offshoot of this event. As in the past there will be calls, no doubt already beginning in the mass media of television, for the further disarming of the American people by the powers that be. The sponsors of HR 1022, the renewal and expansion of the Assault Weapons Ban, will likely be using this tragedy to further their bills progress, despite reports that the murderer in this case used one or more handguns. Aided and abetted by the Brady people and others we will hear the opportunistic clarion calls from the victim disarmament lobbyists for further depredations of our rights to keep and bear arms.

These people are no doubt already at their keyboards drafting messages, posting numerous anti-2nd Amendment messages and rubbing their hands in glee over this tragedy. They see this event, as they always do as a tragic opportunity to advance their cause. Like the anti-liberty vultures they are, they are already circling the horrible events of this day in anticipation of gathering a pound of flesh to feed their sick cause. All the while they will ignore the fact that Virginia Tech proudly embraced their message and gladly practiced victim disarmament.

I can only hope that some good will come of this tragedy and Virginia Tech will repudiate their insane policy and allow their staff and students their right to keep and bear arms. If they had already done that todays events might well have unfolded in an altogether different, and less painful manner. Now all we can do is offer our condolences to the families of the slain and watch as the vultures gather to feed.

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