Friday, January 26, 2007

Down Home Wisdom

Via our comrade in arms (and iMac PrOn) Bill St. Claire comes a glimpse of truth in television. As a good southern boy, I grew up watching The Andy Griffith show and have no doubt that it shaped my views as to what a cop should be. As far as I am concerned Andy is the standard by which all police should be measured. Yeah,yeah....there are people out there who'll say that Andy never had to deal with meth addicts,crack heads and their ilk but they'd be mistaken. Sheriff Andy dealt with a plethora of timely criminals ranging from heavily armed bootleggers, teen aged gangs and kidnappers to big city gangster and thieves. He managed to do all of this with the aid of his trusty .38 revolver and the occasional rifle or shotgun.

Andy didn't need a S.W.A.T. Team or DoD supplied surplus equipment to protect and serve the people who elected him to office. He certainly didn't need a Drug Czar, the feds or anyone else telling him how to take care of the citizens of Mayberry. Andy didn't have no knock warrants, flash bangs or illegal wiretaps and, as we see in this clip, he had a keen understanding of the rights of people. We need a lot more of Andy and a lot less of Jack Bauer and the "24" mentality and a lot more of the Andy Taylor way of doing things.

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