Saturday, August 25, 2007

Goodbye, Aaron.

Aaron Russo, a tireless warrior in the battle for freedom and liberty has died. Many of us knew Mr. Russo through his works and his activism. I was never privileged to have met him in person and I am sorry that I didn't. While I didn't agree with some of his views, I certainly agreed with his overall premise. Government is too big, too corrupt and commanding and we are paying the price for that in our liberty.

In a movement that has all too few people who garner national and international attention for the cause, Aaron stood out as few others do. Speaking with great passion and insight to the cause of liberty he stood as a figure of strength, even as his body was ravaged by illness. Mr. Russo has left us, but his legacy remains in his works, such as From Freedom To Fascism and Mad As Hell.

We'll miss you, Aaron and we are lessened by your loss.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

They Steal Babies, Don't They?

As if placing people under constant surveillance via CCTV wasn't enough of an outrage we have this latest story out of England. It seems that the British have taken to stealing babies from their parents before they're even born, so they can place them in state sponsored foster care and then have them adopted by others, (a common practice it seems) . And, to make matters even more interesting they're targeting people who haven't even done anything.

She recorded a social worker telling her and her husband Martin, 41, that even though there was "no immediate risk to your child from yourselves", the council would seek a court order to place the child in foster care.

Mother and baby would be allowed "two or three days" in hospital together, but should not leave the premises until social workers came to remove the infant. In a desperate attempt to keep their baby, the couple have published the recorded conversation on the internet.

The bureaucrats in their social services admit there is nothing wrong and yet, they still wish to steal this couples child from them. The bureaucrats,tho aren't overly concerned with their own outrageous behaviour. Nope. They are much more concerned with the fact that Mrs. Brookes secretly tapes their conversation and posted it on YouTube.

What can you expect, tho? This is what happens when you allow yourselves to be disarmed and are subjects and not free men. This is what happens when bureaucracies are allowed to do as they wish without fear of dire consequences and retribution. Some reading this will salve their consciouses with the oft repeated mantra that it won't or cannot happen here, but fail to realise that we are only one step away from just this sort of event at any given moment. Social workers in American often seize children for all the wrong reasons and have done so for decades.

The British are now reaping the fruits of their decades long labour. They have built up and allowed the current system to become their master and now it even endangers their unborn children, turning them into a commodity to be taken from the breeding stock and placed with "suitable" families. The petty bureaucrats are even paid bonuses for meeting certain quotas of adoptions.

I, for one have no hope that the people of Britain will do the necessary and right thing. They, like their American cousins are enamoured of the state and will allow it to continue its cancerous growth. Even if it costs them their children. What a sad and frightening state of affairs. A state of affairs which will likely come to our shores all too soon. Hopefully the minions of the state will be met with the appropriate response when that time comes.

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