Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Steve Kubby UpDate

I know that the folks who are out there following the case of Steve Kubby may have seen some of this info, but some of you may not have. Here are some new updates one Steve and his current condition.

Steve is in the Placer County Jail and is suffering symptoms of his cancer, since the authorities will not allow him access to his medical marijuana.

Brad Spangler posts an unconfirmed report, via Hammer of Truth that the "authorities" have consented to allow Mr. Kubby access to Marinol, an "inferior" synthetic form of THC. There are also links to information concerning vigils and financial assistance.

Background info from the Globe and Mail, for those needing background.

For continual coverage in the blogosphere please take a moment to check out Technorati. Simply search for "Steve Kubby". You can bring up a mini window tracker that updates every 60 seconds.

I, and many, many others will be keeping track of Mr Kubby's story as it unfolds.

It would be nice if the "authories" would allow Mr. Kubby to use a medicine which is perfectly legal in the Republic of California. Given the current state of affairs in that state and the rest of the nation, tho I have little hope of that.

Please take a moment or two and contact the "authorities" in Placer County and express your disproval of Mr. Kubby's treatment.

Bradford R. Fenocchio
Placer County District Attorney
(530) 889-7000
(530) 889-7129 fax

Steve Kubby may be contacted with letters at the following address. Commisary funds, (postal money orders only with no letters) may also be tendered at the following address.

Steve Kubby BK 49899
c/o Placer Co Jail
2775 Richardson Drive
Auburn, CA 95603

Hopefully Mr. Kubby will survive this attempt at politicide.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Bad Medicine?

When I initially began this post a few days ago, I knew I was going to have to delay posting it. It was too emotionally straining to try and write it. Not because I know Mr. Steve Kubby, I do not.With a few days between then and now it is easier, but not a lot. As I write this Steven Kubby sits in a California jail awaiting extradition to Placer County, California, a place he fled some years ago in order to save his life after the State had decided that he should go to jail for refusing to give in to a rare form of adrenal cancer.

Earlier this month the Authorities in Canada, where Mr.Kubby had mistakenly fled to save his life decided that they would placate their friends in the lower 48 and send him back to be imprisoned and, possibly die. That would certainly save the State a great deal of trouble. They could remove Mr. Kubby by simply doing nothing, while he is in their custody. It is a certainty that they will not allow him access to his medical marijuana, a substance which has managed to keep him alive for many years when "traditional" medicine would have written him off and allowed him to expire.

I sincerely hope that Mr. Kubby does not become another martyr in the War Against People, as did Peter McWilliams. I first learned of Peter McWilliams by reading his book, "Ain't Nobody's Business if You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in Our Free Country".

In researching this piece I ran across some interesting facts about medical marijuana, facts about which I had been ignorant and which, had I known them could have possibly saved my own mothers life and made her last days vastly more comfortable. You see, my mother suffered from diabetic myopathy. That's a diabetes induced nerve degeneration that causes extreme pain, loss of movement and often-times loss of limbs. Her pain was excruciating, to say the least. Sure, she wasn't the best at controlling her diabetic condition, but most people who suffer from diabetic myopathy aren't good at controlling it. Why? Because ANY small pleasure that brings a momentary relief is welcomed by pain sufferers.

Research into the use of medical marijuana in the treatment of diabetic myopathy, (something the government would swear has never been done, despite the reality) has shown that it alleviates the pain as well as opiates and even retards the degeration of nerve tissue. That, and its cost compared to prescription drugs alone should warrant patients being told of the benefits of medical marijuana.

We have seen all the research that tells us that medical marijuana works. The majority of people in this country, according to poll after poll, are firmly in favour of making medical marijuana available to patients for a variety of ailments. The people in almost 1/5th of this nations states have said, via referenda that it is the law of the land. Only one entity and it's enforcers stands in the way. The Federal government. They continue to persecute citizens who commit no crime. They coerce law enforcement and courts to bend to their will, using the carrot of cash and power. All to our detriment. This must stop. Perhaps, Mr. Kubby's case will be the straw that breaks the back of the rabid camel, but I doubt it.

I cannot help but think that if my mother had been able to overcome decades of anti-marijuana propaganda, had had access to marijuana and would have used it conscientiously she might still be with us today. Instead, every September 11th I will be thinking of losing her and not anyone else.

Mr. Kubby, my thoughts are with and your family. I can only hope that the State manages to find its compassion and sensibilities in your case and I hope the good citizens of California have the fortitude to do the right thing and see to your freedom should the Authorities refuse to set you free. In the end, it is up to "We The People".

UPDATE: Reports from independent sources have already started coming in that Steve Kubby is being denied his medication and is experiencing symptoms of his cancer. Whether or not the "authorities" will allow him to have access to his normal treatments or even traditional medicine is unknown.
From a release by the California NORML folks:
“I’m really sick already,” Kubby said from jail two hours afterwards, “I’m gonna start puking my brains out.” He says his guards laughed at him when he requested Marinol. Kubby says he hasn’t had marijuana for half a day and has begun to experience all of the symptoms of his life-threatening disease - nausea, headaches, swollen kidneys. He has chills and has not been able to get a blanket from the guards.”They don’t understand that they’re dealing with someone with cancer,” he says.
More to come...