Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Steve Kubby UpDate

I know that the folks who are out there following the case of Steve Kubby may have seen some of this info, but some of you may not have. Here are some new updates one Steve and his current condition.

Steve is in the Placer County Jail and is suffering symptoms of his cancer, since the authorities will not allow him access to his medical marijuana.

Brad Spangler posts an unconfirmed report, via Hammer of Truth that the "authorities" have consented to allow Mr. Kubby access to Marinol, an "inferior" synthetic form of THC. There are also links to information concerning vigils and financial assistance.

Background info from the Globe and Mail, for those needing background.

For continual coverage in the blogosphere please take a moment to check out Technorati. Simply search for "Steve Kubby". You can bring up a mini window tracker that updates every 60 seconds.

I, and many, many others will be keeping track of Mr Kubby's story as it unfolds.

It would be nice if the "authories" would allow Mr. Kubby to use a medicine which is perfectly legal in the Republic of California. Given the current state of affairs in that state and the rest of the nation, tho I have little hope of that.

Please take a moment or two and contact the "authorities" in Placer County and express your disproval of Mr. Kubby's treatment.

Bradford R. Fenocchio
Placer County District Attorney
(530) 889-7000
(530) 889-7129 fax

Steve Kubby may be contacted with letters at the following address. Commisary funds, (postal money orders only with no letters) may also be tendered at the following address.

Steve Kubby BK 49899
c/o Placer Co Jail
2775 Richardson Drive
Auburn, CA 95603

Hopefully Mr. Kubby will survive this attempt at politicide.

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