Friday, July 06, 2007

No Fear

Many people in Indiana are upset today, just as they were upset yesterday and in the days preceding. You see, taxes of all sorts have gone up in this state. Property taxes are the main culprit, tho. Some homeowners and businesses have seen as much as a 150% increase in their taxes. The odds are pretty good that there will be a number of seizures, due to failure to pay and other people shall have to sell their homes, just so they can live elsewhere without the state bankrupting them. This is especially true for the elderly on fixed incomes.

There are numerous people calling upon politicians to "do something". Unfortunately, the politicians already "did" something. They spent lots of money and raised taxes. Then they recessed, went out for a few drinks and had a good laugh. It was just business as usual and, regardless of the letters to the editors, the calls, the outrage and protests it will remain business as usual tomorrow. The bureaucrats and politicians do not care what we think. All they care about is funding their cancerous growth.

All the protests in the world will do no good. Why? Because the politicians and their lackeys have no fear. They don't fear the people of Indiana and they don't fear being turned out of office. They know that they'll be replaced by someone who holds government in high esteem and who will continue to see to its growth and "well being". The legislators do not fear losing their part time jobs and the petty bureaucrats who actually run the day to day operations are immune from job loss, (unless they anger their masters). Like most cancers, they are firmly entrenched and unlikely to be treated as cancers should be treated. By excision.

They. Just. Don't. Care. There is no incentive for them to change their ways and cease bankrupting the people of this state. And I do not blame them. My ancestors fought a war against the greatest military power in the world and beat it. All for a paltry 2-3% tax increase. Yet, we routinely accept 30-50% taxation as a matter of course and are meekly subservient to those who impose it upon us. No-one in this state, or the country is willing to instill the necessary fear into the hearts of the politicians and their bureaucrats, so that they will leave us alone. Taxes continue to rise, and shall do so for years to come, while government continues to grow.

I truly feel for the people who are going to lose their homes and businesses. My property taxes went up, too. It is likely that they will go up again next year. Why? Because they have no fear of repercussions for their continued spending and taxing. They, unlike taxpayers are fearless. They sit in their offices and laugh at the very people whom they "serve", protected by their armed guards and the certain knowledge that they are firmly in control and shall remain so for the foreseeable future. They, unlike the homeowners facing these property tax bills have no fear. Some tables need to be turned. Others need to be kicked over.
"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." - Claire Wolfe
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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Somewhere in the mists of bureaucratic time, someone took the decision that new laws which politicians wished to impose upon the public would take effect in the early days of July. These newly imposed laws, which the vast majority of people did not ask, nor wish for take effect a few days before many liberty minded individuals celebrate Independence Day in the US. In this same time period most governmental entities begin their new fiscal year, as well. They begin spending their ill gotten gains and enforcing all the newly passed laws, many of which will add further funds to their coffers. Ironic isn't it?

At a time when we should be celebrating the signing of one of the worlds most radical documents and the statement it once made to this country's former ruler we are busy wondering about all the new laws, rules and regulations which have been imposed upon us by our new rulers. What must we do now? How shall this affect us and our daily lives? Is it a just law? Shall I obey it or need I show courage in the face of tyranny and engage in disobedience to the state?

Many of the laws passed across this nation are ludicrous examples of nanny-state interference in our lives. More have been passed to interfere with our freedom of choice and interrupt the free market. And, a few have been passed to enrich lobbyists, lawyers and corrupt politicians. No state, commonwealth or republic in this country is exempt, including my own.

On this Independence Day people in Indiana will need to remember a few things. Instead of reflecting on the merits of Mr. Jefferson's fine document and the spirit embodied therein, they shall need to remember that the state has mandated that everyone, in all vehicles shall be buckled up. Failure to do so shall invoke the wrath of the law enforcers. Small business owners will have to remember that all of their unskilled labourers are now entitled to a pay raise to make their salaries meet the federal minimum wage laws. Smokers will now have to pay more per pack for their habit in order to fund the Indiana socialised medicine scheme. The Holocaust must be taught in all government school American History classes, (instead of world history, where it belongs). Oh, and lest we forget, all murderers and manslaughterer's must now register as sex criminals. Add in the plethora of other laws concerning other subjects, such as education, and we are inundated with a mind numbing variety of laws that virtually guarantee that we shall all be considered criminals. Ignorance of the law should be an excuse, given the sheer number of them that career politicians choose to impose upon us.

Despite all of this, I shall endeavour to maintain my spirits. I'll shoot off fireworks, regulations be damned. I'll fire up my grill and add a large amount of carbon to the planet's atmosphere. My family will eat fat laden foods and reflect upon the true meaning of the Independence Day and our ancestors who signed that vaunted document at the risk of "life, fortunes and sacred honour". Something no politicians have in any quantity today.

Happy Independence Day, my friends.

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