Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yet Another Algore Symp Arises

It never fails to surprise me the lengths to which some of the eco-religious nuts in Western society are willing to go to support their pet causes. From old Blighty comes a new nutcase, Jonathon Porritt who wants to see not so Great Britain's population decimated to Victorian levels. In the name of "sustainability" he wishes to see the population of the British Isles brought down to 30 million.
JONATHON PORRITT, one of Gordon Brown’s leading green advisers, is to warn that Britain must drastically reduce its population if it is to build a sustainable society.

Porritt’s call will come at this week’s annual conference of the Optimum Population Trust (OPT), of which he is patron.

The trust will release research suggesting UK population must be cut to 30m if the country wants to feed itself sustainably.

Porritt said: “Population growth, plus economic growth, is putting the world under terrible pressure.
“Each person in Britain has far more impact on the environment than those in developing countries so cutting our population is one way to reduce that impact.”

Population growth is one of the most politically sensitive environmental problems. The issues it raises, including religion, culture and immigration policy, have proved too toxic for most green groups.

However, Porritt is winning scientific backing. Professor Chris Rapley, director of the Science Museum, will use the OPT conference, to be held at the Royal Statistical Society, to warn that population growth could help derail attempts to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
This is what happens when cultists, masquerading as scientists are allowed out of their towers. Despite the fact that there is plenty of food being produced globally he would rather see half the population of the Great Britain lain in the grave, rather then inconvenience the "globe". Who will be the first to line of for Carousel? Should they hold a lottery? Or shall it come from some cultist driven laboratory in the form of a virus unleashed in the name of Gaia?

The West must exterminate itself in the eyes of the neo-Malthusians to make way for the hordes of the third world. Fear the state, but fear the Global Warming cultists even more. They have co-opted the power of the state and are willing to ready the ovens again to suit their agenda. No thanks, Mr. Porritt. I would suggest, tho that if you truly hold to your convictions you take the first logical step and remove yourself from the equation. Lead by example.

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