Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hard Truth

I recently blogged about the looming financial and economic crisis headed our way, due to the burgeoning debt created by the government, its policies and spending. Now, I'm doing it again. Well, sort of. What I'd like you to do is to take 9 minutes and 5 seconds out of your day to watch a video from the Comptroller of the United States, David Walker. Mr. Walker lays out the problem directly and succinctly so you'll understand it. This is quite possibly the single most important video you might watch this year, (if it succeeds in waking you up).

The Democrats and Republicans are in the process of ruining this country with their profligate spending and their current march towards a new fascist state. The front runners in the upcoming presidential contest are set to make matters worse than they currently are, (and that's pretty damned bad). Both of the Democrats are looking to raise taxes and increase spending to new and unheard of levels, creating a fascist state the likes of which hasn't been seen since the 1930's. In the process they will literally bankrupt the country and enslave our children and grandchildren to the debt that has been and will be created. The Republican will certainly do no better.

Unless people are made aware of Mr. Walkers words, (here and elsewhere), things shall continue as they are currently are and we will face an economic crisis of monumental proportions. The "Great Depression" will look like a minor blip by comparison. None of us will be able to prepare for what's likely to come, no matter how far back in the mountains you choose to run. There will be no escape from this looming economic catastrophe.

So, please take a minute. Watch. Listen. Learn. Act. Link to this video and spread the word, while there's still time.

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