Tuesday, November 02, 2010

No Winners In This Go Around

There will be no winners this go around of the election machine. Especially for folks like me, whose ballot would look blank for the most part. It's highly doubtful that any of the folks I would choose to represent me will win their election bids. Some republicrat will likely win and take that victory as a mandate to do as they will to us for another cycle, as opposed to what it actually is. Just a loss by democrats. My prognostication in this arena says we'll see little substantive change, no matter who "wins" or who is retained. Government's going to continue its cancerous growth if the republicrats take the House and/or Senate. Spending may be cut by a $100 billion or so, but that's literally a drop in the bucket with spending in the multiple trillions of dollars.
The wars will continue apace and more people will die, more enemies will be made and more wealth will be squandered.

If there are any "winners" this time around, it will likely be those who didn't vote. They are likely to be in a majority, as usual. Maybe they know something that everyone else doesn't, huh? Even hamsters eventually tire of running in the wheel and slink off to do something better. Maybe we need a cycle where we all just take a time out and no-one votes for anyone, so we can show them how we really feel about them.

A Musical Interlude

Here's a little something to take your minds off of the election day sadness. Music from a time when they actually made really good videos to go along with it.