Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hey, It's Good To Be Back Home, Again.

Well, the family and I made it back from our yearly sojourn to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, once again. The weather there was beautiful and I got to see my eldest catch his first 5 fish. He was fit to bust over that event, (and the fact that he managed to catch 1 more fish than I did). The weather back in Indiana...well...not so good, apparently. My garden is a wreck due to the heat and a lack of water. My tomatoes are still wilted, but I have hopes that they will recover and my lettuce and radishes are about to bolt. Ah, well.....what's a gardener to do?

On this trip I did manage to see a part of the Police State Virginia that was away from the Interstate by traveling a smaller state highway route. I must say that it was filled with many more police than one usually sees while on the Interstate. All of whom were trolling for speeders to fill their small town coffers. What a sad way to raise money. Of course I did have an edge over many other motorists. I completely ignored forgot about their silly "No radar detectors allowed" regulations and received sufficient warnings as to their presence.

I did get to see one poor individual, on our way back who was obviously guilty of bicycling while black in one small town in Virginia. Three cop cars and numerous cops all to handle one spreadeagled and cuffed guy. Who knows? He may even have been guilty of a "crime". One thing that did strike me this time was the number of prisons and jails that I saw along our route. At least half a dozens prisons and at least as many county jails and juvenile jails. I'd much rather have seen historical markers and roadside diners and I cannot help but wonder what foreign visitors to our shores must think when they see the preponderance of imprisoning facilities in our country, all with big signs proudly advertising what and where they are.It's rather a sad state of affairs that we likely have more prisons than museums in this country.

So now it's back to fixing what went wrong with my garden during my absence and preparing for the next phase of planting and harvesting. I'll long for peaceful rainy days and pull out the hoses when the clouds fail to form. I'll put away my saltwater fishing gear and break out the freshwater stuff and see what the kiddo can catch at home. Summer's here and we'll enjoy the freedom while we can.

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