Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Bill Of Rights Day

(I'm going to rerun something I've already written on this subject. I don't think I can say it any better in a 2nd go 'round. Despite the recent regime change, not much has changed. Enjoy. Michael)

That time of year has rolled around once again. Today finds us looking at another Bill of Rights Day. This is a day which should be celebrated, but it won't be. It's a day when we should reflect on our individual liberties, but most will pay it no mind. Only a few of us out here in the aether of the blogosphere will even pay it homage, by mentioning it in a post or raising a glass to it.

It's rather difficult for most to work up the enthusiasm for a celebration of the document which theoretically reins in the powers of the government where our liberties are concerned. This grand old document has seen constant abuse and degradation at the hands of politicians, (both large and small), as well as the robed denizens of the courts. It's a wonder that anyone even deigns to mention it any more. Oh, sure. The press, that chosen class who strive daily in their task to tell us what we should think of certain issues, will occasionally mention their First Amendment Rights and the numerous violations of said right, but then they'll just turn around and call for the one of the other Enumerated Rights to be violated. All in the best interest of their readers, of course. Don't even get them started on the 2nd Amendment, unless you want to see wet panties and hanky wringing.

Today should be celebrated with great fanfare, fireworks and expressions of the very liberties enshrined in the venerable old document. Tonight the talking heads will appear on televisions across the nation and speak of many things. Their newly elected saviour, the economy, redistribution of wealth and myriad other topics. Nary a one will even mention that today is Bill of Rights Day. Well, I guess it's up to the rest of us to haul the weight. We'll mention it. Again and again. Until people are tired of it. Perhaps we'll mention Bill of Rights Enforcement and sound the call, now and again for the highest law of the land to be upheld without doubt or obfuscation, on a daily basis. Shoot, maybe they'd even deign to teach it in the government schools again.

Regardless of all of that, today is a day when we can take a few moments, at least, and honour the memory of those Founders who called for a Bill of Rights and then drafted it. To pay homage to the document itself and the principles it holds forth and to, once again, hold onto it dearly and do our best to see that it is upheld as it was intended to be upheld. As an inviolable shield betwixt the leviathan of government and ourselves. The BoR is not a limit on our Rights, regardless of what the politicians and their judges would have us believe.

Let us today ignore the petty tyrants and their bastard understandings of the truths of the Bill of Rights and hold our own celebrations, private or public. Let us refuse to be cowed by diffidence, ennui and the powers that be and stand proudly. Let us take a few moments of our day and re-read that Bill, refresh our current memory and validate that which we hold to be true. That we are sovereign individuals and we all possess Rights enumerated or not. Let us take a moment to remember that government has no Rights. Only the individual. And, regardless of what you may be told they may not be taken from you. You may only surrender them. Take a moment to reaffirm that you shall never surrender those Rights and will strive to enforce them when, where and how you wish. And, please take a few minutes and read it to your children. They need it just as much as we do, if not more.

Happy Bill of Rights Day.

Update: Needless to say, there are others out there writing on the subject, none quite so well as Mr. Vin Suprynowicz. Take a few minutes and read his writing on the subject. He does a great job, on this as well as many other subjects.

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