Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bush Ratings In The Toilet? So, What? Big Deal....

Despite the fact that Bush and his Republican Congress have ratings that are in free fall, it will make no difference to those who have quaffed the Kool Aid come November 2nd. Even in the face of their current protestations, those who will choose to exercise their voting prowess will go into the booth and pull that lever for their Red State candidates. Their radio guru's and Right Wing pundits are doing their jobs well and, as November approaches we will see the Talking Heads go into overdrive with their babble about the Left, socialism, past spending and the Democrats assaults on freedom.

Regardless of the facts all too many people will buy into the propaganda and on November 3rd, 2006 we will be presented with the same situation we currently have. One sad thing is that there are a number of "libertarians" who will aid and abet this process...all in the name of defeating "The Left". To these folks I say, "Put down the Kool Aid and back away from the radio". The Republican Right is just as much the enemy as the Democratic Left...never lose sight of that fact. It's why you became libertarians, right?

If the Congress were to return to the control of the socialist what? Would they really be any worse or different than the socialist Right who are now in control? Would governmental gridlock be a bad thing, (provided that Mr Bush ever became tired of signing his name and actually vetoed something)? Could they spend any more than Republicans have managed to? There is so little difference between the two that we who wish for more freedom and liberty can only pray that their "ideological differences" and party animosities would result in true gridlock and slow the current cancerous growth.

Perhaps an electoral victory for the Left side of the Boot On Your Neck Party, would result in more freedom as they flexed their flabby muscles and attempted to rein in the out of control Republicans? Maybe we'd see more progress in stopping the NSA from collecting our phone records, (thank goodness I'm not a customer of BellSouth, Verizon or At&T!)? Maybe, just maybe the lies of the Bush administration concerning Iran and "using diplomacy as a first line strategy" would become more obvious? (Here's a hint, folks....diplomacy means you actually have to talk to the concerned parties, not make unsubtle hints about nuking them). When one party says it will talk and you refuse, that ain't diplomacy and it is certainly bad policy and not in the best interest of anyone.

If you are going to vote this November, do us all a favour. Vote for someone who is not a member of the BOYN Party, vote out the incumbents and please...please! for gridlock. If the Beltway Boys are paralyzed then we the people are going to be better off. Less government is a good thing. And, in the meantime...turn off the radio and look to the Left. The Right, (not that there's enough difference to matter) is just the Old Left......

And, for those of you who may be of the Left or Right persuasion (or semi-confused "libertarians"), let me introduce you to the Libertarian Left and Agorism. What's old is new, again!

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Guerrilla Primary Voting

There was an interesting spin to the recent primary in Indiana and it's one that gives a Libertarian candidate a decent shot at being elected to a State Senate seat. Democratic Party voters in Columbus, Indiana apparently crossed over and voted for a Republican candidate in order to deny a long term incumbent a shot at another term. In doing so they placed a Republican on the ballot who be kind...a bit of a whack job an oddball, even for a Republican.

Crossover Democrats put the Republican candidate on the ballot and that candidate is a flogger, (No, not the PeeWee Herman type, the "string 'em up" type). Greg Walker, State Senator wannabe has been in the press before, mainly for his full support of public humiliation and the flogging of those the state finds guilty of distasteful acts. This would definitely give the Democratic candidate a leg up in the election, but the chances of a Democrat being elected aren't that good in this Red-run state and, judging from their candidates website, he doesn't really expect a win, either. (Here's a prime reason to do away with taxpayer funded primaries!)

So, in comes the Libertarian, Kenn Gividen. Kenn ran for governor in '04 and was a good candidate. Of the 3 on the ballot he was the only one who hadn't smoked pot. Mr. Gividen is a refugee from the Republican Right who saw the light and came over to the side of the angels, as it were. He espouses all the usual Libertarian stances; small government, low taxes (I prefer no taxes), no property taxes, etc. And he surely has some appeal to the so-called "Conservatives" and "Values Voters", since his vitae includes such things as being a founding member of the "Moral Majority". I really do wish Kenn the best of luck in a race that should be a no-brainer for the voters of his district. Unfortunately, as we know all too well, Democrats and Republicans are, more often than not knee-jerk voters.

The Republican candidate, Walker is clearly not the candidate of choice for anyone. Here is a person who would likely embarrass his district more than the incumbent he is replacing on the ballot, (he killed his chances by voting for lifetime taxpayer funded health care for legislators and their families).
While saying anti-abortion legislation would be his top concern as a senator, he defended flogging as a biblically based punishment.
"It's not a core value for me, but it's part of the inspired word of God, so I know it works," he said. "If that makes me a radical, then so be it. I'll accept the label. But I don't think it's a radical position."
"Biblically based"....I am guessing that Indiana could be in for some "inspired" legislation, should Mr. Walker be elected. In a state which has myriad problems from education, taxation, a failed economy and incompetent, anti-liberty legislators, abortion is hardly an issue. This race could easily gear up to be a South Park moment...fortunately, the voters in Bartholomew and Johnson counties have a chance to elect someone who won't embarrass them, won't call for public floggings and will likely try his best to downsize, rather than supersize, government.

I have my fingers crossed.....but, I lack faith.

Props to Mike Kole for this!

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

How High Is Too High?

That doesn't seem to be a question that any of the politicians inside the Beltway are willing to tackle these days. There looks to be absolutely no limit to US Debt ceiling which they will find unacceptable, and their Red and Blue supporters seems to think that it's just fine to continue to spend like there is no tomorrow. Only 2 months ago the Congress raised the debt limit and they are set to do it again, this time by hiding the raise deep in the bowels of yet another spending bill. This time the crack addicts drunken sailors delusional Congress-things are set to raise the limit to nearly $10 Trillion. Yes, that's right, kiddies....I said nearly $10 TRILLION. The Bush inspired spending train just keeps on rolling!

Since they cannot directly enslave you and your children and put you on the block, they have apparently decided to use their out of control spending to do it in your name. Someone will have to pay off this debt, (or default on it all and destroy the economy) and that someone will be you. And me, if I decide to allow it, (which is not very damned likely). And let us not forget our children and grandchildren who will be responsible for this soul crushing debt.

No-one seems very interested in the continuing rise of the debt and the out of control spending now going on. Judging from the results of last weeks primaries the trained monkeys voters who went to the polls are more than willing to have things continue on as they are, given the number of incumbents who will be on the November ballot. Republicans and Democrats must be really proud of themselves and their candidates to support these spending habits...either that or they're the dumbest animals in the petting zoo.

This must stop. If you vote in November do us all a favour. Vote for Libertarians and vote AGAINST incumbents. All of them. If they are already in office then turn them out. They are selling us all into debtors slavery and it must be stopped.

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Democracy Stinks

And it always has. Virginia is set to prove it once and for all by letting duh masses of Virginia voters go to the polls to in order to ban same sex marriages. The hypocrisy from politicians and the people who allow themselves to be manipulated by them is astounding. Virginia is the state which brought us Loving vs. Virginia, the case that ended anti-miscegenation laws in this country. The same people putting forth this legislation would likely have done the same thing 40 years ago, if they'd thought about it. All this political doublespeak coming from duh masses serves to piss me off.

You're gonna protect the sanctity of marriage? Puhleeeze....why not outlaw divorce? Bring back stoning for adultery? Here's a clue, folks. What other people do has no effect on your marriage. Divorces happen everyday and your marriage is not lessened. Gay and Lesbian people are getting married today....and your marriage is just the same as it was yesterday, (for good or ill). I know mine's doing OK despite same sex marriages.

If you want to protect the sanctity of marriage then get the government out of the marriage business. Don't get them further involved in the institution. Don't set up barriers to freedom and liberty in the name of your religious beliefs...and, yes..this is where this nonsense is stemming from, isn't it?
If you folks wish to pass an amendment then pass one which removes all government interest in marriage, from licensing and granting permission, taxes, fees, penalties, etc. Get government out of the marriage business once and for all. You'll be glad you did.

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