Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Raiders Of The Lost Funds

Well, it's beginning to look as if some people in D.C. are starting to notice that the government is broke and that they've maxed out their credit cards. Shoot, they've even started to shift money around to pay for their out of control spending. I'd say that most of us here in the Libertarian blogosphere have been much more attentive to this particular issue than anyone. Certainly we have said more about it than Republicans and their buddies the Democrats. And now they are starting to notice??

What's truly irritating is that no-one out there is taking this seriously, except us. The crack heads in Congress and the Spender-In-Chief must be made to realize that when you max out your credit cards you don't freaking go to the credit card company and ask for a higher limit, so you can spend even more. That is fiscal suicide in any rational world. And raiding pension funds? Excuse me? That lands people in the private sector in court and, if there was any justice in this world, in jail. The Beltway Boys and Girls already did this with Social Security, as we have seen. Now they are robbing their own workers to fund their out of control spending.

Even worse is that the man in charge of the Treasury is the one calling for an increased debt limit and doing all the shuffling of funds.

Who will bail out the government? Oh, wait...that would be us, and our children and grandchildren.
The spending MUST stop. No ifs, no ands and no buts about it. If these people won't stop it and they cannot be stopped at the ballot box, we are going to have very few options left. The gravy train has to be derailed. While the debt clock is ticking the cretins in Congress are doing nothing other than using this issue as a politics talking point to enhance their election chances. Combine this disaster with the fact that next years budget will be even bigger and we are screwed, folks.

The time has come to stop spending and start shutting down the government. When things go bad in the real world you don't keep spending, you turn off the lights, do without, sell off assets and make good on your debts. Or you declare bankruptcy. And, if you're fire all the bastards that got you to this point. So what's it gonna be? More of the same? Ballots and pink slips? Bankruptcy and financial ruin? Or cartridge boxes? You'd best make up your minds fast...the clock is ticking, folks.

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