Monday, March 06, 2006

Disarming The Opposition

"If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves."
Sounds like a something we'd hear, and have heard from the Bush administration and their allies in recent years. And I am quite sure there are large numbers of people out there who agree with that sentiment 100% as they support a looming American Global Hegemony. Unfortunately, while they might think that quote came from the mouth of Bush or one of his minions it actually came from the mouth of Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, known to the world at large as Joseph Stalin, the man who initiated the Soviet Hegemony. Sovereignty meant nothing to him and it seemingly means very little to the current Washington, D.C. administration, as we are seeing with the current situation with Iran.

While a nuclear armed Iran is not a pleasant thought, setting the precident for pre-emptive disarmament in this case is not logical or conducive to good relations in the region. Having already burned up any post-9/11 good will we may have had in the world, the tough talk from America's diplomats and "leaders" is rapidly putting us in the role of global "bad guy", not the shining beacon of Liberty we were meant to be. Diplomacy, which should be given a serious chance, is becoming a lost art in our nations capitol.

The current rhetoric out of D.C and other western capitols is heading us straight for a showdown that the current leader of Iran may well relish. He, like his American counterpart believes strongly in an Apocalyptic vision for his religion. Combine this with the ability and apparent willingness, to cut off part of the worlds oil supply and we face an global economic crisis of staggering proportions. The next Middle East conflict escalation may well be a war for oil, if the West refuses to mind their own business or make Iran a better offer than Russia.

We have even gone so far as to reward "good" nuclear bomb club member Indian and not reward our "ally" Pakistan, both of whom possess a willingness to use nukes if it comes down to it, as we saw a couple of years ago. All the big boy rhetoric being used in D.C. is failing to accomplish anything other than get the Iranian backs up, including those who are sympathetic to the US and against their current head of state. It seems almost inevitable that our government will, if and when diplomacy fails, use our military to strike at Iran. I hope they aren't surprised when the Iranian military pours across the Iraqi border in retalition and strikes at our boys and girls on the ground there. Cause and effect are universal basics and I doubt that our troops are going to have an easy time killing wave after wave of child attackers. The facts are that we have years to come up with sane solutions for this matter and we do not have to rush to finish it before the 2008 Presidential Elections. Wrecking the world in one fashion or another, for politics and polling points is the absolute definition of insanity. It's time they took a more libertarian stance on this issue.

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