Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Painfully Obvious Truth

When the US contracts with a company to produce US Passports and that same company produces internal passports/National ID's for the Chinese Secret Police then it becomes painfully obvious what we are headed for, doesn't it? And it tells us what type of technology the Powers That Be will likely be using for their passports, as well as the National ID cards that they are forcing the states to issue. Tried and tested in two police states. China and Israel.

On Track Innovations, incorporated in Israel, was apparently handed participation by the courts. They are currently involved in manufacturing a National ID for the Chinese, (a Communist police state, in case anyone forgot). OTI will also be using the same technologies on US citizens, as a GSA contractor. They are already prepared for their role in the REAL ID inspired National ID, as their website makes abundently clear. Your RFID passport, and we can assume Drivers Licenses, down the road, will be a "One Stop Shop" for your government. And make no mistakes, it is an RFID driven device, no matter how silent they remain on the subject, (at the request of the GSA). You will be tracked. How comforting, huh?

I can only wonder how the same politicians who tanked the Dubai deal would respond to an Israeli incorporated company handling something as "critical" as US Passports? Considering that they passed the REAL ID Act, my guess is that they won't be concerned in the least.

OTI has already had a couple of years working with their Chinese clients in the development of their National ID technologies and it is a certainty that they will take that experience and turn it on the US when the time comes to implement their portions of the REAL ID Act. It should certainly make things easier if you decide to travel to the PRC, as they will be using the same technology. I'm sure it won't take the Chinese too long to extend the courtesy of using their system to make travel in China "easier" for American tourists and visitors. Your information will be perfectly safe in their hands.

Given that the government is already going to share your drivers license information with Mexico, Canada and whomever else they wish to share it with, it doesn't take a great stretch of imagination to see where the sharing of passport information with the Chinese and others will be long in coming. I'm quite sure that OTI will be more than willing to sell them the necessary equipment, given their pride in being a GSA contract holder. This is globalism at its best...or worst, if you take my point of view.

The silence on this one will be deafening. Count on it.

via: Police State USA

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