Tuesday, March 14, 2006

When Statist's Collide

The Laws of Unintended Consequences are pretty much a universal axiom, and that is especially true where governments are concerned. Look at the current situation in Iran, as a prime example. George Bush and the Republican administration want to "democratise" the already "democratic" country of Iran because they dislike their current brand of theocracy and because they are attempting to acquire nuclear energy/weapons technology. Mr. Bush has gone so far as to ask for more nonexistent money, (to the tune of $75 million debt dollars) from the Congress to fund outreach programs that would fund anti-government and human rights organisations in Iran.

I have to wonder how well that's going to work out for the people on the street in Iran, who are already attempting to reform their dictatorship? Oh, wait...I don't have to wonder. It's resulting in people being dragged into interrogation chambers and questioned, without regard for any legal niceties. Who couldn't have seen this coming, given the nature of Iran's government? George Bush and his administration, apparently.

How many good people are going to have to be tortured...excuse me, "interrogated"....before the Beltway Bandits understand that interfering in the political processes of other countries is a bad idea? Do they think that getting folks tortured in the name of US policy is going to make them love us? Will Iranians be better off? I think not. Of course, given that the people running the government aren't overly empathetic where torture is concerned I can't see where the torture of Iranian citizens due to US interference will engender anything other than one more excuse in the escalation to conflict. $75 million fr propaganda to make Iranians dislike us sounds like a bad deal all around.

When two Statist's, such as Bush and Ahmadinejad decide to face off, the result is going to be what it always has been. Pain and misery for the multitude of individuals who will bear the brunt of any conflict, hot or cold. As we saw when sanctions were placed upon Iraq, it was the Iraqi people who suffered and the politicos and corporations who prospered and grew fat. We continue to hear politicians spout of about "The Iranian people are not our enemy"...and yet, when it comes down to inflicting harm on Iran it will be the people who suffer and not the State, and it has already begun.
It is becoming increasingly clear that diplomacy is a thing of the past as far as this administration and most others are concerned. When you start off talking about retribution you've already made up your minds where you wish to go. When "Freedom's on the march!" is a presidential tag line , someone is about to get liberated to hell and gone, whether they wish it or not.

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