Monday, February 06, 2006

Apocalypse When?

What do you get when you mix an Apocalyptic, Islamic fundamentalist political leader with a Manichaean heretic, Christian Fundamentalist, Rapture loving political leader? I’m not sure either but it smells an awful lot like a recipe for global conflict on a scale hitherto unknown to man. Unfortunately, this isn’t a hypothetical or trick question and the two men in question are Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and US President George W. Bush.

While we were made aware of President Bush’s heretical and apocalyptic leanings by Costa Rican theologian Rev. Juan Stam a few years ago it wasn’t until recently that we were made aware of the Islamic “End Times” mentality of the President of Iran. Arnaud de Borchgrave, Editor-At-Large for the Washington Times and others have published accounts pointing out Mr. Ahmadinejad’s relationship with the Hojjatieh Society, an anti-Bahá’i, apocalyptic sect of Shia. While there is no solid proof, like a confession of his association with the banned sect his language is apparently part and parcel of their philosophy, much as Mr. Bush’s is that of the Dominionist and Revelationist sects of Fundamentalist Christianity.

Getting two such people together in a situation where they are given a chance to butt heads is a sure fire way to bring about global chaos. Each of these men sees only in black and white. Things are either good or evil, there are no shades of gray, as we have seen. In the realm of politics this attitude is suicidal at best, when it involves the military it is murderous for all concerned. One thing we may be certain of is that there are forces in both the US, Europe and Iran who are working towards the instigation of a regional and global conflict. Both parties will see things in black and white, good or evil and the men women and children on the ground will suffer for the misguided dogma of their “leaders”.

Given all the recent events concerning Iran and its quest to join the international nuclear weapons club, it can come as no surprise to anyone paying attention that we are in an accelerating lead up to yet another conflict in the Middle East. All of the rhetoric is in place. The players, like Mr. Borchgrave, the US Senate and the State Department and all the rest are all gearing up their information seeding machines to prepare Americans for the almost inevitable conflict. The Congress has already gifted the President with a blank check to pursue “terrorism”, its supporters and Weapons of Mass Destruction. Iran, unlike Saddam Hussein is quite open about having a nuclear program. What is not clear is whether it is for weapons or power. Not that it matters, any longer. The global powers that be are busy making sure that everyone believes that Iran is pursuing nuclear weaponry. Facts one way or another are irrelevant.

Even if the current regime in Washington chooses to follow the lead of the international community, which seems all too unlikely given the current rhetoric ,it will be the US military, as usual that bears the brunt of any conflict. The cost in dollars, flesh, blood, lives and limb will be too high for our country to bear. It is a cost we should not have to bear, not to support the apocalyptic dogma of two men and their cohorts wishing for Armageddon. Look to the reactions of Iran and its leadership over the Jyllands-Posten cartoons for a small taste of what will come should the US and its "allies" enact sanctions.

Their individual dogmas may very well bring about their most fervent wishes. Disaster.

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