Monday, February 06, 2006

Blogging From Jail and an Update

I posted a comment at another blog this past weekend about the reasons for Steve Kubby's withdrawal of his request to use medical marijuana during his incarceration. My contention was, and still is that Mr. Kubby did what he did to gain some small gesture of mercy from the "authorities". Michele Kubby has released a statement at and a new Steve Kubby blog, (from jail no less!) and my thoughts on the matter have been confirmed. Steve Kubby is doing what he must in order to remain alive while they have him imprisoned, not necessarily because the medicines he is being given are having an optimal effect. The War on Drugs has yet another medical marijuana victim in its clutches and the powers that be are simply waiting to take the decision as to whether they will create a martyr or do the right thing. I have no faith in their mercy.

Steve is suffering the consequences of this governmental policy. Because he is at their mercy in jail, he has decided not to fight, but rather to give in to the path of least resistance placed before him. He has decided to allow Placer to experiment on him with Marinol and Lisinopril.

I can understand his decision. He is helpless in their care. He is also sick and tired of seeing our family suffer because of his marijuana use. Since he uses such copious amounts of cannabis, our family is virtually a prisoner in our home. We cannot travel due to the illegality, social stigma and stink of cannabis. Worse of all, we are threatened with our children being removed from us.

Frankly, we are beyond frustration. Steves only wish is to live with us in peace, but so long as he has to produce and use so much marijuana our family is at constant risk. The government believes that marijuana people are not supposed to exist, reproduce, or pretend to be anything but losers, criminals and the dregs of society. At some point you bend to this pressure.

Now that Steve is under Placer's control, they are doing what we predicted they would do: they are experimenting on Steve to prove that marijuana is a hoax and a fraud. They are more than willing to put the delicate balance his body has achieved after 30 years into serious jeopardy just to prove that people receive no benefit from cannabis.

Steve has been on Marinol for a week and lisinopril for four days. Yes, this combination has brought down his blood pressure, but we do not know the long term effects. Before Steve was a politician, he was a scientist and took the scientific process seriously. In the 10 years I have lived with him, he has always been extremely cautious with his body and approached any new therapy from a scientific point of view. Any new food or supplement he tried, he collected evidence and waited to see what the long term effects would be on his health before he ever made a ringing endorsement.

Now, his is being thrown into an experiment, not of his choice, and he is gleefully extolling the benefits of Marinol before adequately seeing what the long term effects are. This is not normal for him, but is he himself
after being thrown into such a stressful situation? We do not know if Marinol will control the growth of his tumors, but we do know from studies by Guzman of Spain that cannabis will definitely control the growth of his tumors. Of course, Steve is under tremendous physical stress. He has been taken off of his medicine of choice as well as denied the special diet he needs to keep his body in balance. Jail does funny things to the mind as well. To be caged like an animal, especially so unjustly eats away at the soul. But Steve is willing put his health and life in jeopardy just to keep his family safe.

What a choice to force on a human. It is a blatant abuse of human rights.

At their mercy and being used as a lab rat no less, to further their anti-medical marijuana agenda. Here's the gist, folks. Medical Marijuana is a LEGAL prescription drug in the Republic of California. As such, any prescription for it should be honoured by anyone required to render medical aid to a patient in their "care". That applies to jails and prisons, too. The Republic of California and the "civil servants" in law enforcement are failing to obey the laws of their state, and are instead following a federal outlook, mandate and agenda. They are in direct violation of their oaths of office. These people are not Federalised Law Enforcers. They are minions of the Republic of California and their local municipalities.

Using Mr. Kubby in such a manner is unethical, immoral and possibly illegal. That they are being allowed to apply multiple layers of law in order to make an example of Mr. Kubby is horrendous and unacceptable. As I have stated before, please write a letter to the Governor of California and let him know what is going on. Even if you are not a resident of the Republic you DO have an impact. California's economy relies on outsiders. We DO make a difference.

And, for the sake oc what's right, let's try and get Mr. Kubby back at the forefront of the Libertarian Blogosphere by rejoining the KKK. Let's bump the Jyllands-Posten and Superbowl blogging down in favour of something closer to home.

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