Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Breeding For Dollars

Breeding For Dollars

Or Euros, as the case may be. That's the case in Germany now as a debate brews up about the ageing citizenry, declining population and the stark realisation that there aren't going to be anywhere near enough taxpayers around to support their out of control welfare system.

The German government is seriously considering tax incentives to have more children and expanded childcare benefits and subsidies for breeding. In a country already suffering from a lack of economic growth and booming deficits they are facing a governmental economic disaster of monumental proportions. And, to quote Martha...."That's a good thing". Sometimes it takes a serious blow to wake someone up to the fact that the time to correct themselves is now.

Germany, much like the USA refuses to accept the reality that the welfare system, deficit spending and over taxation not only does not work it is always a sure fire recipe for disaster. With their Brobdignagian welfare state and cradle to grave Nanny State interference in every facet of daily life they are left with few options. The obvious and logical thing to do would be to start cutting spending until they develop a sense of fiscal responsibility. Disassembling the massive machine of government and eliminating the welfare state over a good period of time would be ideal. Attempting to breed more taxpayers is appalling, unethical and tantamount to breeding slaves. Of course in a country that is already engaging in wealth redistribution and taxation on the scale of Germany it is almost inevitable that breeding for Euros should be the first thing to come to the minds of their politicians. It's a lot easier to propose creating new peons and serfs than it is to start thinking about cutting spending and downsizing the machinery of government, it seems.

Apparently, the new "Mutterkreuz" for Deutschland will come in the form of tax breaks, subsidies and enslavement of their unborn children to the elderly and unemployable in the German Welfare State. State sponsored breeding programs are frightening on so many levels and obscene on all. How to explain to a child that they were brought into the world so they could work to support the state, its welfare system and its participants. This is a truly frightening endgame for the political system.

I can only hope that the American political machine pays as little attention to what goes on in Germany as they do for what goes on in the USA. I like the idea of a reasonably sized family and abhor the idea of perpetual enslavement for my children and grandchildren. Let's just keep this between ourselves and not tell anyone in government, OK? I'm already sorry about the debt that has been dropped on the shoulders of my do I explain a government enslaving them so they can support the elderly, unemployed and indigent, despite all the talk about reigning in our own Welfare State?

I have to wonder if there is a Libertarian Movement in Germany. It seems they need it as much as we do.

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