Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Who'da Thunk It Day

Bush Wiretaps Were Legal?
Hmm...maybe not so much, I'm thinking. Looks like the FISA judges were warned, they warned Bush's NSA and Bush about serious "irregularities" and then Mr. Bush and crew went ahead and did as they damned well pleased. As more and more of this story comes out the smell gets riper.
The two judges' discomfort with the NSA spying program was previously known. But this new account reveals the depth of their doubts about its legality and their behind-the-scenes efforts to protect the court from what they considered potentially tainted evidence.
Smells really bad inside the Beltway these days.

Torture? What Torture?
I guess there's really no need for any investigation into allegations of torture by America and it seems that the "fine gentlemen" of the House International Relations Committee agree. Especially, Henry Hyde.

Bush Changes Tune On Protests
With new marching orders from within the White House Dubya and Condi have changed their tune and rhetoric concerning the Jyllands-Posten "Mohammed Cartoon" controversy. Seeing a chance to hammer Iran and Syria for their state sponsored and sanctioned protests new orders have been issued by someone. As we watch the lead up to a probable future conflict with Iran, events such as this will come more frequently and be taken by the administration. How often do you get a chance to change your mind in this WHite House? (PS: Dear Muslims...we have a depiction of Mohammed on the frieze of our Supreme Court building, just thought you should, back to your rioting! Have a nice day!).

Paleontologists Dig Up Thurmond.
Finding a new form of statist to collect taxes is tough in an election year. Best to find an old dinosaur to go with the current batch in Congress.

No Glass Ceiling For Teen Girls
Despite the failure of government sponsored indoctrination programs in the government school system it seem that more teen girls are using drugs and smoking more than their male counterparts.
Depsite all the pograms...err...programs, to indoctrinate kids we see teen girls playing catchup with the guys, even while drug usage numbers are dropping. So what will the Nanny Staters suggest for this one? More self-esteem classes? Visits from NOW? Here's mine, if it's a self esteem issue.

Are You A Good Citizen Or A Bad Citizen?
As if we needed yet another test to tell us what we are are should be. I took it and as if I didn't already know it....I'm a bad citizen.

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