Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Steve Kubby Update 2/9/06

Michele Kubby has posted a new update at letting folks know about some changes in attitudes among the people imprisoning him.

As you all know Steve has lost weight while being incarcerated, he has not been able to follow his very strict health diet, nor take any of his life saving medicine. Steve was finally given Marinol as a joke by the medical staff. The staff knew it was a farce and that medical marijuana really did not exist and that traditional medicines can work for Steve and they tried to prove it with this inhumane experiment at the risk of this man.

Well, all of a sudden the tables have turned!

Yes! The Placer County Law Enforcement at the jail is standing utterly amazed! Since the first dose of Marinol, Steve has been experiencing small amounts relief from the benefits of the one cannabinoid in Marinol - THC. The very same people that were mocking and ridiculing Steve and telling him he needed to fess up to the truth and tell everyone that medical marijuana was a farce are calling him "Mr. Kubby." They are beginning to see the error of their ways because Steve has now proven the exact opposite! The Jail has even tried to make his special Tofu Salad diet for him.

Cannabis is Medicine!

Placer County set out to prove Fraud and got the truth instead. Justice is closer [than it ever has been] at this moment.

The medical staff (Dr.'s and Nurses) are telling Steve that they had no idea about the medical efficacy of marijuana and that it could actually help the way it has for him. They are all telling him that he should not be in jail, but rather, out being studied so marijuana cannabinoids can be studied to find out whey they have been working so well for him.

More at Keep Mr. Kubby in your thoughts and please don't forget to let the Governor of California know where you stand on this. No matter where you live you have an impact.

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