Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Gun Show Phenomenon

Well, as is my wont I ventured out yesterday to the Indy 1500 Gun and Knife Show. What a surprise it was, too. The crowds were amazing. Easily 3-4 times the usual number of people were visiting the show. I've never seen it so crowded. Apparently, Mr. Obama's election has inspired numerous people to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights. The prices reflected a sellers market, too. Ammo that I would have normally bought was up $50 more per case than the last time I purchased. Why? Well, from my discussions with the sellers it boiled down to one thing. They didn't know if they'd be able to restock their supplies of ammo for certain calibres. The fear of gun and ammo bans is palpable in the market.

Many of the sellers have also raised the prices on their EBR's and other "evil" rifles to match. Handguns seem to be maintaining their prices, altho a few of the regulars have added a buck or two, here and there. All in all it's seemingly a good time to be doing business in the firearms market. For the moment, at any rate. In the future many of these folks could well find themselves out of business and that's why they're trying to move their existing inventory. No sense in getting stuck with something you'll never be allowed to sell.

The folks buying were a mixed bag, too. Lots of first time buyers and many more women according to the sellers at the show. All motivated by an uncertain future where Mr. Obama and the new regime are concerned. Even I laid in a couple of necessary things that are likely to come under any future ban from the incoming regime.

All is not gloom and doom on this front, tho. I managed to meet a few fellow bloggers at the show, as well. All of whom run well known and popular blogs in the 2nd Amendment community. Mike Vanderboegh was there, promoting the Sypsey Street Irregulars and his upcoming book, "Absolved". David Codrea, from War On Guns slogged his way through the snow from Ohio to attend. Mike H from "What McAuliffe Said" was in attendance, as well. The Western Rifle Shooters main man was also there. So many notable gun bloggers in one place must have generated more than the normal ATF reports, it was practically a convention. It was certainly nice to finally meet so many of the people whom I read on a daily basis and who do such a good job of keeping folks informed and motivated. I do look forward to the next time and hope they all have safe trips home.

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