Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting To The Root Of Things

Radley Balko has a piece up at the Agitator that shows what some of us have been saying for awhile now. "Libertarian" Wayne Allyn Root, would be head of the Libertarian National Committee, has a few screws loose. He makes a decent puppet for some folks in the party, but when he goes off the reservation he sure goes full bore. Funnily enough I have seen links to this story from some sites run by Libertarians who support Root being memory holed. That's rather sad, especially for folks who value the truth and openess under most circumstances. Root is running to be the face and voice of the National Libertarian Party and his supporters have made a point of haranguing his opponent, Ernest Hancock, for being a 9/11 Truther. Looks like both of them have taken to wearing tin foil hats, no matter how you spin it. George Phillies is looking better and better every day. I do hope that Roots supporters will decry his adherence to this particular insanity. This will reflect poorly on the LP at all levels, national, state and county. And, at a time when libertarians stand to make significant gains in the political arena the last thing they need is something like this. Hopefully his supporters will repudiate his actions, instead of seeking to cover them up.

Saying Goodbye To A Rock Legend

Ronnie James Dio has died in Houston after a long battle with stomach cancer. He's certainly going to be missed around here. I always loved his solo work, but his stint with Black Sabbath was a good one in my eyes and ears. His distinctive voice, ten sizes larger than himself were a welcome addition to Rainbow when he was their lead singer. There was a period when Dio was the go to guy for power groups. That voice was always something else. It brought a raspy power to any heavy ballad or song that no-one else could match. I'm definitely going to miss the man, but his musical legacy will live on with his longtime fans. Bye, Ronnie. You'll be missed.