Friday, October 08, 2010

No More Microsoft

   As we all know, actions have consequences. That's especially true where politics and principles are concerned. If someone espouses a particularly odious political position there are numerous avenues that people may take that will result in consequences for that person. That's the case with me. The Gates family, Bill's Senior and Junior are using their wealth in an attempt to impose taxes on small business people and the other productive individuals in Washington state. They'd like to see special, class specific taxes levied on people whom they consider "wealthy". They're in favour of this, despite the fact that it will be bad for the economy of Washington, (just as taxes have had an impact on states like Indiana and others who were late to the state tax game) and bad for the people in general.
   Well, not being a resident of Washington, there's little I can do to impact the voting that will take place on Initiative 1098. But there is something I can do as a consumer. I can refuse to do business with the proponents of this scheme and withdraw some meagre amount of capital from their pockets. No more Microsoft products for me, not that I use many of them to begin with. This blog is proudly Made on a Mac. If, for some reason, I need a system in the future that requires another OS, it won't be a MS product. I'll stick with my Mac or find a Linux system. The Gates are more than showing their true natures as progressives. I can't be a party to their attempts to impose taxation on the very people who run the machinery that drives our economy. These two men are more than willing to see that machinery falter, I am not.