Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gubmint Sugar

We've known it for years, I have said it for years, other libertarians have said it for decades and now the press is waking up to it. Government hates business and they certainly hate any business that uses sugar. As many of my friends and readers may know I am a fan of Root Beer and Sodas, especially those that use pure cane sugar. I also love chocolate, as do most humans whom I know. Now we have a story in the news about the government and their sugar subsidies driving American chocolatiers offshore and out of business.

The government already did this to a number of soda companies and, along with their HFCS and corn subsidies have ruined those that remain. Those of us who are old enough remember what a real soda tasted like, that sugary sweetness and the caramel taste that can only come from sugar. Now we see that the artificial pricing of sugars is taking a toll on the American candy industry. Businesses that once employed numbers of Americans are being driven to China, Mexico and other countries rather than staying here. It's a simple matter of economics for these companies. And the government is doing everything in its power to drive them away and stifle the continuing growth of sugar based industries.

Of course they are doing all they can to insure that High Fructose Corn Syrup stays in vogue. The media continues to harp on America suffering from an obesity problem. While the science may not be there yet I will go right out on a limb and state, for the record that HFCS is a prime culprit in any obesity problem that might exist. Sugar isn't in everything on the market, but government subsidised HFCS sure as hell is. It is past time to put an end to ALL farm subsidies. They are bad for farmers, business and America and the sooner politicians realise this the sooner we can get back to having a healthy economy.

I'd like my chocolate, Root Beer and Sodas with sugar please and hold the government.

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