Monday, February 06, 2006

Winding Up For The Pitch...

I can't think of anyone whom I know that is not thoroughly convinced that the US is not so secretly preparing for a conflict with Iran. The rhetoric leading up to the coming future conflict is there from all of the usual political, media and pundit sources. Pieces are being moved around the global chess board and assets are being acquired to prosecute the coming strike. All in the name of the War on Terror.

The pieces of the puzzle are there to be seen by anyone looking. As with our current conflict in Iraq, the Bush administration is bowing to the international community, in the form of the IAEA and letting them set up the board. Iran, asserting their sovereignty has refused to go along with the pressure from the outside world and not only refused to play ball, but has sent the other team home.

The Bush administration, meanwhile is opening a new base in Romania, a country that really wants another occupying force, (after hundreds of years of this the Romanians seemingly cannot embrace life without absentee landlords). A US military presence in Romania is a regional strategic wetdream for a nation that might aspire to advance an imperial agenda. Or fight a War on Terror.

In a more Machiavellian move the US wants to not only deny nuclear materials to other nations who would develop them, it wishes to team up with the USSR....sorry, I meant manufacture and sell nuclear fuel to countries who wish to pursue nuclear materials for energy purposes. Wow! Talk about a retreat from capitalism! Deny energy by force of arms and then force someone to buy your product. Hello?? Don't anyone tell the Soda companies about this or we'll have Cola Wars on our hands.

The situation in Iraq is, despite propaganda to the contrary, unstable. With insurgents coming in from Iran and Syria it makes "sense" to open a new front in Iran to draw the destabilising forces away from Iraq...or so conventional "wisdom" would have it. A forward base in Romania would be ideal for air strikes, considering Turkey's reticence to involve itself in our affairs in the Middle East.

Combine all of these ingredients with a liberal dose of rallying the international troops and Sunday Morning punditry and you have a new recipe for expanding the game. And what comes next? Hell if know, but I certainly don't want any part of it.

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