Thursday, March 16, 2006

Reaffirming Bad Strategy

That's just what the current holder of the Oval Office is doing, reaffirming that the US is going to stay the course where pre-emptive warfare is concerned. Even if the intelligence is bad, or even dead wrong. Yep, he was very clear about that.
"If necessary, however, under long-standing principles of self defense, we do not rule out use of force before attacks occur, even if uncertainty remains as to the time and place of the enemy's attack," the document continues.

So, twenty years from now Nation X might be capable of inflicting some type of harm on the US, so we'd better put those mad dog terrorists down now. This entire doctrine of pre-emptive warfare is so antithetical to our foundations as a country that, if it is allowed to continue there can be no doubt that we will be viewed in the same light as the USSR was in the 20th Century. The American Hegemony is no more attractive than the Soviet Hegemony was, and there is little difference betwixt the two.

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So Close! And Then He Blows It....

Every so often George Bush has a moment where he seemingly channels some Libertarian spirit for a second. Of course, he immediately banishes the spirit to Republican Hell in the next moment and undoes anything that could have been good. That's precisely what happened at one of his whistle stops in Maryland, while he was out pimping his multi-Trillion dollar Medicare Drug Boondoggle.
Mr. Bush was faced with a "persistent questioner" asking him about helping her elderly mother get her share of the loot and drugs from Medicare, when he gave the right answer for once.
"Look, I'm not going to tell you your business, but I think it's your responsibility to help your mom," Bush told Wendy Meyeroff.
And that's where he should have made a turn about and cancelled the entire entitlement program. Of course, as we all know he wouldn't and didn't. Instead he went about pimping it some more, throwing out spurious numbers and rhetoric that will insure that his "opponents" from Socialist Faction B have more ammo to expand this child indenturing entitlement. What a concept, huh? Help your own family, neighbours and friends instead of expanding the Nanny State. As usual, he dropped the ball and never even realised it.

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Steve Kubby Back In Jail

After an all too brief taste of freedom Steve Kubby has been returned to jail to serve out a 60 day sentence, imposed upon him by Judge Robert McElhaney in Placer County. Steve was booked yesterday and is currently in custody, according to the Sheriff's website. The flippancy of the prosecutor's office truly points up the attitude of the state in this matter.
"He's going back to jail to address the violation of probation, that's all," Prosecutor Chris Cattran said. "Hopefully he'll be good and we won't see him again."
Given the level of persecution by the Drug Warriors and their courts system, Mr Kubby has the reality of persistent police surveillance and Drug Warrior harassment once he is finally freed from their clutches. It's hard to be "good" when the Police State is out to get you. We can only hope that Steve's health remains stable while he serves out the sentence and that he gets to return to his family soon.

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And In Local Indiana Matters....

Indiana politicians actually managed to do something decent while they were in session this time. Amidst all the backroom dealings, sellouts, outsourcing and general malfeasance on the part of the politicians someone managed to get a Life Time Concealed Carry Permit passed, the first of its kind in the nation! While I oppose any licensing of my Rights and would dearly love to have an Alaska Style CCW law (or better yet, just total acknowledgement by the Statist's that they have no say over my Rights) , I will settle for what I can get and hope that the folks who managed to get this one passed without the usual bitching, whining and moaning from the Victim Disarmament crowd can do it again and better down the road. Just goes to show that grass roots movements manage to get things done a lot better than the Big Government Friendly NRA. Way to go, folks!
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ANGrem said...

Wow, sending Kubby back to jail?
they really need to make up their minds.
seriously, they released him due to overcrowding and good behaviour, so they're just going to throw him back into the already overcrowded prison population for trivial things such as those mentioned.
there are just so many things wrong with the government nowadays.
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