Monday, March 20, 2006

Good Liberty Music?

Does it exist? What's your favourite inspirational Liberty lovin' music list? I got to thinking about this over the weekend, and had it kinda hammered home after seeing a post by Kirsten over at "Enjoy Every Sandwich" who was wondering if there was any good "Rightie music".
I spent a while yesterday, (a couple of hours) playing with Apple's iTunes and making a couple of playlists for my iPod. A country list, a classical list and a Liberty List of music that gets my blood going, in one way or another.

Then I got to thinking, iTunes has an iMix feature that lets you publish lists of songs on their service. So, I went looking to see if there were some Liberty, Freedom or Libertarian inspired lists there. Nope. Nothing about Liberty; nothing about Libertarian; and the only Freedom related songs were the usual Statist rah-rah numbers that were about, (as Kirsten put it) "banging the war drums". There just really wasn't anything out there was appealing to me under the "Liberty" label I think we need to change, here's my Liberty Playlist/iMix. Unfortunately, some of the music isn't available on iTunes so my poor iMix gets shorted.

Loreena McKennitt-The Highwayman
Steve Earle-Copperhead Road
Triumph-Fight The Good Fight
Sammy Hagar-I Can't Drive 55
Rush-Red Barchetta
Rush-2112 Overture/The Temples of Syrinx/Discovery/Presentation/Oracle/The Dream/Soliloquy/Grand Finale
Roger Waters-The Tide Is Turning
Prism-Take Me To The Kaptin
Paul Kantner-The Mountain Song
Paul Kantner-The Sky Is No Limit
Aimee Allen-(I'd Start A) Revolution
Paul Kantner-Transubstantiation
Paul Kantner-Let's Go (Alternate Lyrics)

Now, all I need to do is post my poor abreviated list.

I find it kind of odd that a good bit of what I consider Liberty oriented music comes out of Canada. Maybe those Cannucks have been chafing under Socialist rule longer than we have and it shows in their music? Perhaps. Most of the American music tends to glorify government, war and "patriotism" (as certain folks on the Right side of the Socialist aisle see it) and what a sad statement that is.

Maybe we can put up a Libertarian iMix Section and flood the world with some pro-Liberty music? Or maybe we can just share some insprational tunes? Subversion by music....might just work, look what Rap's done....

(Note: Some of the Paul Kantner tunes are available here in a remastered version of PERRO)

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Kirsten said...

Can you tell me how to publish my playlist (you know, when I get one together that is)? Do I have to have the most current version of iTunes? I've avoided upgrading because I've heard that the iTunes rules may be changing (like how many times you're allowed to burn a song to CD, etc...).

putrimalu said...

How about Justice Day? I think it was written by Claire Wolfe.

Michael said...

I do believe you need the latest version, Kirsten but if you don't all you need to do is bring up iTunes and connect, choose your playlist and you should see an arrow next to the title. Click that and it should let you publish to iMix. I have had to redo some of the titles and such info in order to match up with iTunes, so be warned.
I don't think that Apple's going to change anything drastically with iTunes. I know the newest version does collect some "anonymous" info for marketing new music directly to you, along the lines of what Amazon does, as I understand it.

putrimalu: Justice Day's OK. Not exactly my cuppa, tho. I have the CD that came with my copy of Rebel Fire, (one of my latest favourite books!).