Friday, March 24, 2006

Just Goes To Show You....

That there's really not one iota of difference between Republican and Democrats where economic freedom, (or liberty of any sorts, for that matter) are concerned. Let's take a look at Indiana's head Rat-publican. Just a couple of days ago Mitch Daniels signed two bills extending "rights" to self defence. One was a "Castle Doctrine" bill saying you don't have to run away when confronted with the initiation of force and the other was a Lifetime Concealed Carry Permit. All the while, according to attendees, mouthing platitudes about the 2nd Amendment and "it means what it says". Of course, it would never occur to him to sign an order and do away with the restrictions on our 2nd Amendment rights, which he understands so well. He, and a few other Republican legislators were pandering to us gun owners.

By signing these bills, he and his RepublicRat buddies will gain some much needed good will from a few single issue constituents. Of course this doesn't mean that the former OMB head for George Bush has changed his spots and become a "conservative" in any sense of the word. Just today Mitch "Duh Blade" Daniels signed yet another bill authorising taxes to be implemented which will, again, benefit private businesses at taxpayer expense. He already did this before, when he went out of his way to have counties surrounding Indianapolis impose food and beverage taxes to benefit the Indianapolis Colts and their Stadium. In many locales we saw a 33% increase in the taxes levied against people who eat out. My county alone imposed a 1% county-wide increase and all but one town also levied an additional 1%, since that was the bribe they were offered by the Governor. The only political party which bothered to even speak out was the Libertarian party. The Democrats were silent, as usual.

The sad thing is that most of the people in this Red State will not even blink come November and will never even think twice about pulling the lever for the people who have supported this type of governance. Instead, they will think of the crumbs that have been brushed off of the table for them by their leaders and be satisfied with that, the lever will get pulled, as usual and the continued theft of Life, Liberty and Property will continue as usual.

Government imposed venture capital funds. Stealing from taxpayers to fund private corporations...does anyone out there know what form of government we call this? It certainly isn't the type our Founders envisioned, that's for sure.

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