Friday, March 24, 2006

France In Flames....Again.

If it's not young Muslims, Farmers, Students or Aliens from Planet 10, someone has to be rioting in France at any given time. It is, unfortunately a law of nature where the French are concerned. Of course, it doesn't mean that the rioters are wrong in what they are protesting, mind you. They aren't. This time it is the youth of France who are being hosed by too much Socialist government. The French government wishes to interfere, yet again with the free market and this is the inevitable result in France. Shoot, I wish Americans had half the spirit these guys do when it comes to protesting government interference in areas it has no business mucking around in.

The French students are protesting something that people in Indiana have to live with every day. You see, Indiana is an "at will" state where employers are concerned. Wear the wrong shirt? You're fired. Cut your hair wrong? Fired. Boss got a hangover? Fired. And you have zero recourse to the law. It tends to get government out of the equation, despite the seeming unfairness in some peoples eyes, and that's not a bad thing. Of course the French are choosing to single out a "minority", the entry level employee and these young folks aren't having any of it. Unfortunately, little good will come of it. There is no-one to show them the way they should be going...away from government rule and they'll just go back to business as usual, once they've blown off some steam. Well, that's not completely true....there are some people who would be more than willing to show them a new direction...but how do you lead a Socialist to Freedom? Ask Brad Spangler, Wally Conger and the other signatories of his letter of Solidarity from the MLL. They see the light.
Under such circumstances, state-sponsored market liberalization is a cruel joke. The legislation you protest and rebel against seeks only to increase the latitude given your overseers, while maintaining the overall restrictions on your own liberty that, if abolished, would empower you to seek your own prosperity. We believe you and we would be very good at that, mixing both cooperation and peaceful competition, if we were not slaves.
I think I'm going to have to sign on with Brad and the others on this one and wish the French well. I do hope they find a good direction to go in, but I hold out little hope for that.

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