Wednesday, March 22, 2006

No Retreat

Indiana became the 3rd state to codify the right to stand ones ground when confronted. Mitch Daniels yesterday signed House Enrolled Act 1028 and reaffirmed what had already been established policy in the state for decades. For the moment the likes of Teddy the Hutt and the Runaways, The Brady Bunch and other Victim Disarmament Groups are thwarted in their attempts to make sure that you have to present your back to an assailant, rather than standing your ground as a Free Person.

Daniels also signed, (without fanfare or mention in the press) Indiana House Bill 1176 (Senate Bill 054), that provides for the issuance of lifetime Concealed Carry Permits. The costs for a permit will be $100.oo for renewals and $125 for new permits. By all reports Mr. Daniels had a good crowd of 2nd Amendment supporters there and Larry Pratt, from Gun Owners of America flew in to attend the event. The NRA was notably absent, given their lack of involvement it's not surprising.

Passage of 1176 sits firmly in the laps of an Indiana grassroots organisation, The 2nd Amendment Patriots who did enormous amounts of legwork, lobbying and networking on the bill. Kudos to them!

While I am against the issuance of any permits that "allow" me to excercise my Rights, this is a step in the right direction towards a Vermont or Alaskan-style(.pdf) Carry Law. What all too many 2nd Amendment supporters seem to forget is that any permit, by definition is a granting of permission from the State and negates your Right and makes of it a privilege. This is a powerful mindest to overcome and must the goal of all 2nd Amendment groups and gunowners. Our Rights must be taken back from State control and supervision. The folks in the 2nd Amendment Patriots have shown what can be done on a single issue, now if we could just get folks like that to sign onto supporting getting all of our Rights back and making this a truly free country.

Some suggested reading for my friends out there in the 2nd Amendment movement.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your comments, I agree with them. You are certainly correct concerning your definition of a license. We do not apply for a license to exercise our Freedom of Speech, a license to exercise our Freedom of Religious worship, we don't get a license to have privacy in our persons, papers and effects - in fact, it is the government who must be licensed to search and seize, it's called a "warrant."

However, the enemies of Liberty have us at a disadvantage - they have successfully mounted a revolution against the restrictions upon civil government contained in our Constitutions and made tremendous advances against Constitutional principles and have philosophically negated historical American Jurisprudence in the popular mind, certainly the legal one.

It is essential to continue the battle to push back the encroachment of the civil government and insure that this small thing, the Lifetime Carry Permit, doesn't become a Lifetime Infringement!

The more people that get involved and demand true uninfringed 2nd Amendment rights - the sooner we will repeal licensing, and that is the goal.