Friday, March 10, 2006

First They Came For The Reporters....

And you know how the rest of that goes.

The Powers That Be are having a high old time with their National Security Letters, their newly revised USA PATRIOT Act-(can anyone tell me what the hell selling cold medicine has to do with terrorism?)-and an over inflated sense of self worth. While the major news outlets have remained silent about receiving National Security Letters from the FBI, Doug Thompson at Capitol Hill Blue isn't afraid to tell folks that he's got one. And why did he get one? Well, that would be because he, and other reporters have actually reported news and said things that the current administration didn't like. It's not like they're vindictive or anything, right?

If you're a visitor to Doug's site you can expect to be added to the government watch list as a subversive. I would guess this goes double if you're a blogger.
"The letter demanded traffic data, payment records and other information about the web site along with information on me, the publisher."
Personally, I hope Doug destroys all that stuff before they get their hands on it. It's way past time that people told these thugs where to get off.
To quote Yakov...."What a country!"....except this is really no laughing matter.

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Why Don't They Like Me, Anymore?

That must be the whine of the day from the Oval Orifice. It certainly appears as if the Bush Kool Aid Effect, (or perhaps it's a Jobs-like Reality Distortion Field) is wearing off for a large portion of the public. With "approval" numbers plunging to new low, we must wonder what will happen now that the Great Leader's popularity is starting to resemble Nixon's at his lowest? When even your staunchest allies begin to turn their backs on you it would seem that you needed to step back and do some serious life reassessment. When people start reporting that events are spinning out of control, your numbers are in the crapper and your popularity is on a par with Gary Glitter in a day care centre, Mr. President you need to take a reality check and realise that thinks are more than a bit FUBAR. In a election year this is not what anyone running for office wants to see in their parties Chosen One. Of course, being no friend of this administration I'm not disappointed to see numbers like opinion of the man and issues polled is much lower.

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Ready For The Oil War?

I certainly hope so, because it will likely be coming soon enough. Nigeria, a major source of oil for the US is disintegrating and no-one seems to really notice. A report from an American blogger on the scene sheds some light as to what is going on there and it doesn't look good. As I mentioned before, the US already has plans for military intervention in Nigeria and as things worsen it will become more likely that we'll find ourselves embroiled in a conflict to protect oil interests. it's certain we have no interest in fostering "democracy" in Africa. Or anywhere else, really.

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And This Is Our Idea Of Democracy?

As someone who has lived in Egypt I can state that despite the presence of "elections" they are not a "Democracy" in any way. While the Bush Administration may think that Egypt is "ripe for democratic reform" that would mean there was actually a "democracy" in place. There isn't and someone needs to explain that to the Bush people. As Hosni Mubarak prepares to pass the reigns of power to his son it becomes obvious that there will be no pro-freedom or liberty reform in Egypt anytime soon. Of course we'll do whatever we can keep them elected leadership in power.
"Freedom's on the march, Hosni"...or hadn't you heard?

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