Monday, March 06, 2006

Steve Kubby Released ?

There are reports appearing that Steve Kubby has been released from the Placer County jail due to overcrowding. Regardless of the circumstances, I must say that I am indeed happy that Mr. Kubby has been released. Perhaps now he can receive competent medical care and food and not be a victim to politics Placer County.
From Marijuana News via Hammer of Truth.

I just spoke with a very happy Steve Kubby, who was released from Placer County jail this afternoon, where he had been held since January 27th, following his expulsion from Canada on January 26th.

Last Friday, Superior Court Judge John Cosgrove, who presided over Kubby’s initial railroading in 2001, rejected a request for a hearing to modify the 120-day jail sentence originally imposed by Cosgrove. Under California’s Prop 36, passed by the voters in people first time in 2000, people convicted of non-violent drug possession charges are not supposed to be locked up.

Hopefully, Steve Kubby will remain free even after his next day in court. For the moment we can rest easy knowing that he is among friends and will be with his family now. That's the important thing.

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