Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Guerrilla Primary Voting

There was an interesting spin to the recent primary in Indiana and it's one that gives a Libertarian candidate a decent shot at being elected to a State Senate seat. Democratic Party voters in Columbus, Indiana apparently crossed over and voted for a Republican candidate in order to deny a long term incumbent a shot at another term. In doing so they placed a Republican on the ballot who be kind...a bit of a whack job an oddball, even for a Republican.

Crossover Democrats put the Republican candidate on the ballot and that candidate is a flogger, (No, not the PeeWee Herman type, the "string 'em up" type). Greg Walker, State Senator wannabe has been in the press before, mainly for his full support of public humiliation and the flogging of those the state finds guilty of distasteful acts. This would definitely give the Democratic candidate a leg up in the election, but the chances of a Democrat being elected aren't that good in this Red-run state and, judging from their candidates website, he doesn't really expect a win, either. (Here's a prime reason to do away with taxpayer funded primaries!)

So, in comes the Libertarian, Kenn Gividen. Kenn ran for governor in '04 and was a good candidate. Of the 3 on the ballot he was the only one who hadn't smoked pot. Mr. Gividen is a refugee from the Republican Right who saw the light and came over to the side of the angels, as it were. He espouses all the usual Libertarian stances; small government, low taxes (I prefer no taxes), no property taxes, etc. And he surely has some appeal to the so-called "Conservatives" and "Values Voters", since his vitae includes such things as being a founding member of the "Moral Majority". I really do wish Kenn the best of luck in a race that should be a no-brainer for the voters of his district. Unfortunately, as we know all too well, Democrats and Republicans are, more often than not knee-jerk voters.

The Republican candidate, Walker is clearly not the candidate of choice for anyone. Here is a person who would likely embarrass his district more than the incumbent he is replacing on the ballot, (he killed his chances by voting for lifetime taxpayer funded health care for legislators and their families).
While saying anti-abortion legislation would be his top concern as a senator, he defended flogging as a biblically based punishment.
"It's not a core value for me, but it's part of the inspired word of God, so I know it works," he said. "If that makes me a radical, then so be it. I'll accept the label. But I don't think it's a radical position."
"Biblically based"....I am guessing that Indiana could be in for some "inspired" legislation, should Mr. Walker be elected. In a state which has myriad problems from education, taxation, a failed economy and incompetent, anti-liberty legislators, abortion is hardly an issue. This race could easily gear up to be a South Park moment...fortunately, the voters in Bartholomew and Johnson counties have a chance to elect someone who won't embarrass them, won't call for public floggings and will likely try his best to downsize, rather than supersize, government.

I have my fingers crossed.....but, I lack faith.

Props to Mike Kole for this!

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