Tuesday, May 09, 2006

How High Is Too High?

That doesn't seem to be a question that any of the politicians inside the Beltway are willing to tackle these days. There looks to be absolutely no limit to US Debt ceiling which they will find unacceptable, and their Red and Blue supporters seems to think that it's just fine to continue to spend like there is no tomorrow. Only 2 months ago the Congress raised the debt limit and they are set to do it again, this time by hiding the raise deep in the bowels of yet another spending bill. This time the crack addicts drunken sailors delusional Congress-things are set to raise the limit to nearly $10 Trillion. Yes, that's right, kiddies....I said nearly $10 TRILLION. The Bush inspired spending train just keeps on rolling!

Since they cannot directly enslave you and your children and put you on the block, they have apparently decided to use their out of control spending to do it in your name. Someone will have to pay off this debt, (or default on it all and destroy the economy) and that someone will be you. And me, if I decide to allow it, (which is not very damned likely). And let us not forget our children and grandchildren who will be responsible for this soul crushing debt.

No-one seems very interested in the continuing rise of the debt and the out of control spending now going on. Judging from the results of last weeks primaries the trained monkeys voters who went to the polls are more than willing to have things continue on as they are, given the number of incumbents who will be on the November ballot. Republicans and Democrats must be really proud of themselves and their candidates to support these spending habits...either that or they're the dumbest animals in the petting zoo.

This must stop. If you vote in November do us all a favour. Vote for Libertarians and vote AGAINST incumbents. All of them. If they are already in office then turn them out. They are selling us all into debtors slavery and it must be stopped.

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Democracy Stinks

And it always has. Virginia is set to prove it once and for all by letting duh masses of Virginia voters go to the polls to in order to ban same sex marriages. The hypocrisy from politicians and the people who allow themselves to be manipulated by them is astounding. Virginia is the state which brought us Loving vs. Virginia, the case that ended anti-miscegenation laws in this country. The same people putting forth this legislation would likely have done the same thing 40 years ago, if they'd thought about it. All this political doublespeak coming from duh masses serves to piss me off.

You're gonna protect the sanctity of marriage? Puhleeeze....why not outlaw divorce? Bring back stoning for adultery? Here's a clue, folks. What other people do has no effect on your marriage. Divorces happen everyday and your marriage is not lessened. Gay and Lesbian people are getting married today....and your marriage is just the same as it was yesterday, (for good or ill). I know mine's doing OK despite same sex marriages.

If you want to protect the sanctity of marriage then get the government out of the marriage business. Don't get them further involved in the institution. Don't set up barriers to freedom and liberty in the name of your religious beliefs...and, yes..this is where this nonsense is stemming from, isn't it?
If you folks wish to pass an amendment then pass one which removes all government interest in marriage, from licensing and granting permission, taxes, fees, penalties, etc. Get government out of the marriage business once and for all. You'll be glad you did.

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Gospazha said...

I've had that very argument with my mom on several occasions. She keeps insisting that gay marriage devalues straight marriage, but when pressed as to how it's devalued, comes up with a weak "it just is."

Funny, too, because most of her other positions amount to having the government leave us alone. Apparently gays don't deserve to be left alone, though.

sunni said...

They are the dumbest animals in the petting zoo. (Terrific line!!)