Friday, May 05, 2006

Congress To Bush: "Bite Me!"

In a show of unbridled fiscal irresponsibility and hubris the US Senate passed (77-21) spending bill that has as much pork as Big Bob Gibson's in Decatur, Alabama and in doing so risks the non-threat of a Presidential Veto from George "I Never Met A Bill I Didn't Sign" Bush. In a fit of fiscal nanny-statism the electorally invulnerable Senators went on a spending spree and gifted the victims of government taxation with a $109 Billion bill.

Will Dubya veto this? Doubtful. He hasn't vetoed anything else while he's been playing tiddly winks in the Oval Orifice. This bill will just be one more chance for him to practice signing his name, again. The fact that the Senate passed this bill is a sure sign that they are counting on the complete ignorance and gullibility of the people who will go out and vote on November 2nd. Like electoral lemmings they will head to the booths and "do their duty" and pull their little levers, be they Red or Blue. The Senators, due to the nature of the American voters are the Congressional equivalents of Supermen and Women. They are bullet-proof and we will see that fact play out in November (for those facing re-election).

And, not to be outdone the House passed a bill authorising $7.4 Billion for "Port Security". Inspired by the events they have seen on "24" the House ran to spend non-existent funds to safeguard our ports from "terrorists". Of course there's nothing in the legislation to protect us against the wily Chinese who happen to run our West Coast ports, eh? As much as I despise the War on Drugs I want these people tested! Right Freaking Now!

We are not money trees to be shaken down whenever you asshats want to go shopping! E-Friggin'-nough already!
"Let them march all they want, as long as they continue to pay their taxes."-Al Haig
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In Other Good News

Porter Goss finally resigned as head of the CIA. I can't help but wonder what kind of Black Bag uber-Republican will be appointed by Bush to replace him? Maybe they'll shift Donald Rumsfeld over to fill the slot. That should make things more interesting in Gitmo than they are now, huh?

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On The Liberty Music Front

The guys over at Hammer of Truth posted a link to a Maryland based band called "The Federalists". These guys really remind me of the Ramones, in a way. The sound is definitely punk, (which I don't mind) and the album is a free download. Definitely worth a listen! I've paid for worse music and this at least fits the bill for my Liberty oriented music movement. These guys do a good job! Now if they can just get on iTunes!

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