Wednesday, May 03, 2006

So, I Was A Bad Citizen

I didn't go out and vote in the sham primary election yesterday, despite calls from my favourite local candidate. And you know what? I really don't feel bad about it. Oh, I thought about going out and doing it...for about 2 minutes. Then I regained my sanity, turned up the radio in the 4-Runner and got over it. Instead, I mowed the homestead, murdered some dandelions, gave my youngest a ride on the mower (she loves "driving" the lawn tractor), tried a new Root Beer and felt at peace with the world. Life is good.

Would going out and voting in the tax dollar funded primary have made a bit of difference? Nope. I don't vote for Republicans or Democrats, just as I wouldn't cast a ballot for a member of the Communist or Nazi Parties. Ever. By not participating in their dog and pony show, which cost the people of this state 10's of millions of dollars, (if not more) that could have been better utilised (or returned) I cast a ballot for "None of the Above" favourite candidate.

There were no Libertarians on the ballot, in any way shape or form. No issues. Nothing to even inspire me to waste a minute of my time and give someone else the satisfaction of having yet another drone citizen person do their "civic duty". Judging by the results I saw in my local paper this morning the primary went exactly as I figured it would. Anyone who had even let the words "fiscal responsibility", "eminent domain" or "small government" slip from their lips got tossed to the side, as the Brownshirts rank and file got out and did the bidding of their party leaders. Incumbents were overwhelmingly returned to office or given the nod to run again in the fall. It's rather to hard to work up any enthusiasm when duh masses are content with the status quo.

They like big, expensive, intrusive, nanny-state government at all levels. Saves them the trouble of thinking and accepting responsibility for themselves. I hold out little hope that there will ever be any substantive change, at any level in this country. The "slippery slope" away from liberty and freedom has become a cliff and the lemmings are rushing, full tilt down the slope to the edge, careless of those they are trampling or carrying along in the rush.

Now that this is over and the yard signs are coming down the whores candidates can start gearing up for the November elections. If there aren't any worthy Libertarians on that ballot, I figure there'll at least be some leaves that need collecting, a little girl who needs swinging or a Root Beer that needs tasting. All in all a better use of my time.

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sunni said...

Well, to the state and fed govs you may have been a "bad citizen", but you sound like a great individual—won't you be my neighbor? :-)

Michael said...

Absolutely! Now if we can all just find that dadgummed Gulch.