Monday, May 01, 2006

New Hampshire REAL ID Opponents Make The News

As if the fine people of New Hampshire hadn't already made this bit of news in the Libertarian Blogosphere already. But, it truly warms the heart and gives you a modicum of hope when you see anti-REAL ID news in a major format like the Washington Post. Now, if we can just get more people motivated to fight this monstrosity we might just stand a chance against ever strengthening police state in this country.

When we have states like Indiana, which go forth and adopt the REAL ID standards far ahead of their implementation date it bodes ill for those of us who wish to remain free and unencumbered by internal passports. I found it interesting that the article in the Post mentioned New Hampshire Senate President Theodore L. Gatsas' (R) concerns:
....said he's worried about what will happen if the rest of the country doesn't follow New Hampshire's lead and his state's residents suddenly need a passport to get on domestic flights.
Perhaps someone should point out to the good Senator that, under the RID Act his fellow New Hampshirites(?) will have to present their National ID to board anyway, just as they do now, by secret Executive command.

He fails to think of all the good that will come of Federal denial of access. If they are forbidden to receive government assistance, such as Medicare and Social Security then the people of New Hampshire will have the right to not pay into those ponzi schemes systems. Denial of access to federal systems was the stick for this travesty just as fear and runaway nationalism were the rotten carrot. That and unfunded promises of money for states that lined up and did as they were told.

My state has the misfortune of having a Bush crony and former staff member as governor, so you can be sure that Indiana sat up and begged like the good red dog it is. Perhaps this event in New Hampshire will inspire heretofore silent Libertarian candidates to find their voices and speak out against REAL ID before its cancerous tendrils have gained a terminal grip upon us. I have little hope of seeing that, tho.

Kudos to the stalwarts of the Granite State! I wish there were more like you who embraced the "Live Free Or Die" motto, we'd be much better off.

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