Monday, April 03, 2006

Calling Dr. Evil

The cliche' of the Mad Scientist permeates cinema, TV and literature in our country and now we get to see it in the full bloom of reality. Thanks to Kevin, over at Cryptogon we get to see what kind of lunatics are shuffling along the halls of Texas academia these days. Apparently we no longer have to worry about socialists, communists and others corrupting the minds of the youth at our colleges and universities now. Nope, we have to worry about genocidal maniacs with access to biology labs and feeble minded and adoring students.

Seems as if Herr Professor Eric Pianka of the University of Texas at Austin would like to use ebola and other diseases to wipe out 90% of the worlds population in order to restore ecological balance to the Earth. You'd normally dismiss a lunatic like this as a one off crank, except his "peers" at the conference he was speaking at gave him a standing ovation and then gave him an award as the "2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist". The Powers That Be who were hosting the even even went so far as to make sure the speaking event wasn't recorded, unfortunately for them someone actually took notes and decided to squeal on them. Is it something in the water down there in Texas, or what? When I was younger I looked to Texas as a rather Liberty and Freedom oriented place but, in recent years I've changed my mind. They turn out some dangerously delusional people.

Now, I am rather proud of the fact that I am married to a real, honest to goodness research scientist. I've spent years around scientists while my extremely significant other was getting her degrees and I feel I can comfortably say that I have never heard anything like this come from their mouths. This is straight out of the Al Gore camp and reminds me of nothing less than the evil antagonist in Whitley Streiber's "Natures End". Kill everyone so Bambi and Thumper will be safe....this man is a blight on the scientific community and people in that community should pay close attention to this person and his students, the last thing we need is a Pianka worshipper deciding to honour the insane professors wishes...

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Ivan Stojic said...

If you read the original articles with a bit more care, you'll see that he doesn't want to use those viruses.

For him, that'd be admitting defeat.

He believes that they will be able to do the job on their own!

Michael said...

Actually, Ivan I did read the original articles and he did say that he'd be perfectly happy using the virii to exterminate the human race. The likelyhood of such an event occuring without human intervention is small. Mr Pianka is nothing more than a modern day Malthusian. Folks that agree with his particular point of view are more than welcome, IMO, to help save the Earth as sovereign virus required.
The Mad Professors contention that we are no better than bacteria may be accurate where he and his supporters are concerned.

sunni said...

That's unconscionable. I do not consider beings who advocate such activities as human.

Michael said...

Nor do I, Sunni. But that doesn't matter to Herr Doktor in the least. He sees no difference between bactia and humans. WHen one has that mindset it becomes deceptively easy to advocate the elimination of humans as easily as bacteria.