Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A House Divided?

And where will this end? Perhaps where Lincoln the Tyrants speech ended, in smoke, fire, bloodshed and death. Or, given the attitudes of Americans these days it may just end in more Liberty taken from us as the populace sit down for the latest episode of "Desperate Housewives" or "24". Regardless, the "immigration" flap currently underway is adding more stress to an otherwise frayed national fabric.

El Presidente' Bush wants a quick resolution from the Congress on the matter, preferably one which supports his position. The Senate wants to support the President, by and large but are split on the matter and the House is being hawkish enough to scare many people, legal or illegal.

Now add in the Evangelical Christians and the various political arms of other religions and we are looking at something that just gets worse by the day. So, now we have folks taking sides as a religious matter, too. So, not only do we have racism, corporate slavery, government insecurity and only the gods know how many other sub group/issues in the mix now we have folks drawing lines along religious boundaries. Can it get worse? can. Just wait and see.

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