Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Animal Farm Inside The Beltway

Looks like the pigs really do run things in DC and they've had a record year of feeding at the trough according to the latest report issued by Citizens Against Government Waste. The muck makers inside the Beltway managed to set new records in spending and pork last year, to the tune of $29 Billion in pork alone. Amazingly enough the House Appropriations Committee thinks that just isn't so.
....the amount of money devoted to earmarks in appropriations bills fell over the past year, from $19.8 billion in the 2005 budget year to $17 billion in the current year. let me think. Whom should I believe? Some Congresscritters or some citizens?

If there ever was a time when Republicans or Democrats were fiscally conservative, (which I seriously doubt) this just goes to show that the Pigs in DC are all members of the same party. The Boot On Your Neck Party and they are only interested in how much we can pump into their troughs. How's it feel to be a government asset? Who said vassalage was dead?

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