Tuesday, April 04, 2006

As If I Needed One More Reason To Avoid CBS News

It appears like CBS is landing its first female anchor for the CBS Evening News and it is none other than the Vapid Queen herself, Katie Couric. Now, I haven't watched CBS News in any form for well over a decade, mostly due to Red Dan Rather. I guess it'll be another decade before I do so again. None of the Evening News shows are worth the money it takes to produce and sustain them and they are certainly not worth the time it takes to watch them but Couric will be the final nail in CBS news' coffin.

The viewers will no doubt flock to see her receive yet another colonoscopy, as if we didn't already know she was an...well....you know. And they can thrill to her exciting and substantive interviews. What ever happened to putting someone on air who could just report the damned news? It's just seems impossible to find anyone who can do that these days. Ah, well...at least there's the Internet, until we get a Libertarian News Network.

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