Monday, April 03, 2006

A Quick Round Up

From the "Here We Go Again" files:

Looks like folks are stating the obvious where Iran is concerned. Saying that attacking Iran would spark global terrorist strikes is like saying the Earth is round. When you don't have huge standing armies, you go with what you're good at and in Iran's case that's car bombs, terrorism and the like. This situation just keeps heading towards the worst case scenario and neither of the two heads of state involved are going to flinch in this game of chicken. Hell, both of them are looking forward to it.

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Dr. Stangelove: Back In Action!

Just when you thought the Cold War was over the current administration and the Council on Foreign Relations bring back the spectre of an American first strike on the "former" Soviet Union. Needless to say there are more than a few people in Russia who are worried about this. People inside the Beltway should be concerned, too. If they believe for even one moment that ALL of the nuclear arsenal of the USSR suddenly disappeared when they self destructed then I've got a watch they might like to buy.
So, will someone tell me again why having a Libertarian as president would be a bad thing?

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Ready? Set? Start Your Riots!

Well, guess we can get set for some more rioting in France. Mr. Chirac seems dead set on signingWe'd be glad to help you, too! legislation which has already resulted in riots, strikes and destruction of private property. Here's a clue, Jack...government isn't the solution to IS the problem. You people and your nanny state have created the problems facing you, French youth, business and workers in your country. If you really wanted to fix things you'd start by beginning to dismantle your machine of State.

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