Wednesday, April 05, 2006

So Just How Bad Is It?

How bad are things when you have to start using US Navy personnel as ground troops to support a war? It FUBAR, that's how bad it is and that's exactly what the Bush administration is doing, according to Star's and Stripes, (via Cryptogon). While I was aware that they were using US Navy Seabees in some rear echelon posts and their usual construction capacity, this is the first time I have heard of the Pentagon using US Navy ratings in ground combat situations.

If the Bush regime is reaching this deep and far for bodies then things are not going well, folks. At this rate a reinstatement of the draft will become inevitable. Squids are not grunts and shouldn't be used as such unless you're looking for cannon fodder. Seabees fight when they must and train with the US Marine Corps to attain a modicum of combat ability but they are constructors, not combat troops. A swabby is trained to participate in the day to day operations and support of sea going vessels or support for Naval Air assets, the USMC is the ground combat unit of the US Navy. Using the Navy in this manner, and admitting to it points up some serious problems in Bush's wars, especially where manpower is concerned.

As someone who grew up in a USN family, (Seabees, to be more specific) I cannot fathom the thinking going into this. Pulling sailors from sea duty and placing them in ground operations is ludicrous. If the almost inevitable conflict with Iran takes off one has to wonder where the Bush administration will get their warm bodies for the grinder? Off the streets and out of our schools, no doubt. The time is growing short for Libertarians, Republican, Democrats and others to draw the line in the sand and put an end to this.

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M. Simon said...

If we are rebuilding Iraq and/or building bases using Sea Bees makes sense.

Simon - Tonkin Bay Yacht Club '66 - RO DLG(N)-25

Stingray said...

My father, a Navy Sea Bee, was taught all of those things in WWII and had to use some of those skills after Guam was captured. There's no news here at all.

If you were up on the facts, you would know that the number of allied troops is falling, the number of Iraqi military and police are falling, and the number of civilian casualties is falling.

You wouldn't know that by reading the mainstream press or listening to the Democrats though. Bad on you for depending upon them for information.

Michael said...

m.simon: It does make sense to use the Seabees for rebuilding efforts and to construct bases. That's what they train for.
PS:Thank you for your service!

Michael said...

There is news here, if you bothered to read it. Perhaps your knee jerking got in the way of actually reading. Since when is Stars and Stripes MSM or Democrats? Perhaps you better ask yourself why the DOD finds it necessary to train swabbies, (not Seabees and not SEALS) to do ground pounder work? Hm? I think that must be some exceedingly strong Kool Aid they propagandists are feeding you guys at Camp Bush these days.