Monday, April 03, 2006

So, I Put My Family In The Fireplace

I did it because I didn't have a hole dug in the backyard and storing them under the house was just too time consuming.

Sounds like the confession of a serial killer, huh? Or maybe a member of the Stonebender clan. Nope. It's just where I stored the family for a few minutes when the weather was raging and a freight train was knocking down trees in the forest behind the homestead. It seems that the gods themselves decided to wreak havoc on Indiana for switching to Daylight Savings Time in contravention of the laws of nature. So they gifted us with storms that blew down some pretty hefty trees in the forest while I was looking out the back and listening for the ubiquitous freight train.

After waking up the kiddo's and bringing them out to be with us I spent my time at the door, looking, listening and paying token attention to the local weather liars. It wasn't too long before I heard the winds roaring up and then saw and heard the trees back in the forest crashing down. So, into the fireplace they went. Now, this isn't a cow roasting size fireplace, but it sure isn't one of those rinky-dink things that builders try and pass off as one nowadays, either. I can tell you that it fits two kids and a grown woman just fine, tho. Not enough room for dad, but that's a different story.

Thankfully, whatever was rampaging through the woods tearing down the trees passed us by and everyone was fine, even if they had the odd spot of soot on them. When things got calmed down and the worst of the storm was gone to plague others, (and remind them that DST is evil and unnatural) the brave and strangely obedient children were safely tucked back into bed I learned that Momma doesn't think it's such a bad idea to have a "storm" shelter now. Guess, we'll have to hire someone to dig the hole.

The local Powers That Be set off their tornado sirens, which was what alerted us to any weather abnormality and, being the sort of folks we are we perked up our ears and decided to pay attention to the weather. Odd thing about those sirens...they turned them off just as the worse part of the storm was passing over our area. Sure does make me wonder about those folks, must be a FEMA thing...

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