Saturday, April 01, 2006

A REAL ID Related Update

In a REAL ID related matter take a look at what Bush is saying, if you'd like to know where he and the Crypt Keeper are going to take us.
Bush has asked Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to work with his counterpart in Canada to ensure that the card is developed in a way that expedites the flow of people and commerce in and out of the United States while ensuring that criminals stay out.

"Envision a card that can be swiped across a reading device that facilitates the movement of people," Bush said.

I feel so much safer knowing that people like these are looking out for the safety of the country by creating internal passports. So, REAL ID is about stopping criminals now? Maybe they've abandoned the falsehood that it will halt illegal immigration or terrorism? What's the selling point now that it's a done deal?

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Gospazha said...

I'm sure that's at least partly a response to concerns from northern border states (and Canada) about the possible effects on tourism and commerce. My guess is that Bushnev and his ilk figure that if they address those concerns, then the border states will stop complaining and line up like good little patriots.

And as a reader of your blog for several months, thanks for the welcome!

JasonSpalding said...

How ironic is it that those in government make the argument that illegal immigrants are just willing to do the jobs Americans don't want to do when the one job the government seems to be trying hard to avoid doing is dealing with illegal immigration.

Michael said...

You're very welcome, gospazha! The more pro-Liberty writers we have the better off we are!
It is a righteous concern of the Canadians (one of the largest trading partners we have) that our paranoia and document requirements will slow trade and travel. Bush's comments on the matter, about the card that can be swiped, says to me that the chances of the US could persuade Canada to adopt our REAL ID system as their national ID. That would cement REAL ID in the US.
I can't help but wonder what peoples reaction will be should that happen. They don't seem concerned about a National ID, I wonder how they'd feel about an International ID, (which REAL ID is, given the Drivers License Agreement).