Tuesday, March 28, 2006

We're Not In Kansas Anymore

And thank goodness for that! The Kansas legislature voted to override the Concealed Carry Law that Democratic Governor Kathleen Sebelius had vetoed. So, now Kansans can apply for and receive some modicum of their inate rights to self defence. Too bad that there are so many restrictions on it, tho. Seems like the legislators don't understand what a Right is, huh?

Under the proposal, Kansas residents 21 or older who are U.S. citizens can obtain a four-year permit by filling out an application with the local sheriff and paying a fee of up to $150.

The attorney general's office issues the permits after conducting background checks to eliminate those with a felony record, a history of mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction, or physical infirmity preventing the safe handling of a weapon.

Completion of an approved eight-hour training course also is required.
And gunowners will put up with having to jump through these hoops. (Yes, I am guilty of jumping, too. I pay for a permit so some jackbooted thug doesn't murder me and my family if I defend myself).

Some of the commentary was horribly amusing, too, especially from "law enforcers".

"My concern is people thinking they are safe because they are packing a gun," said Yonally, R-Overland Park. "It's only going to become a weapon that can be used against them."

So, using this "logic" we can safely assume he'll support legislation disarming cops?

Among opposing groups was the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police. Its president, Valley Center Police Chief Kelly Parks, said there's some concern about how to find out whether an applicant had a mental illness problem.

"The federal law restricts us from getting a lot of that information," Parks said. "There is no clearing house for that kind of information."

Yet, but just wait till this guy and his buddies get done lobbying for it. Medical privacy, my ass.

The Kansas Sheriffs' Association remained neutral because its members were divided. But its president, Stafford County Sheriff Jeff Parr, said such a law bothers him.

"I feel that with more people able to conceal weapons we're going to have problems with guns," he said. "Instead of getting into a fist fight, if they have a gun, they are going to pull a gun instead of fighting."

Remained neutral? How neutral is it when your head man says something like this? And didn't anyone ever teach this guy about the old saw? "Never bring a knife to a gunfight"? A gun in the hand is worth more than two fists any day of the week....

At least the people of Kansas can, after satisfying the Statists hoop jumping, excercise some small amount of their natural Right to self defence. It's a step in the right direction anyway.....

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