Tuesday, March 28, 2006

They Just Cannot Get It!

So, the FEC said that the Internet and bloggers were "exempt" from their rules...for now. Then we get to hear from the "almost affected" bloggers from the Left and Right sides of the Boot On Your Neck Party and what have they got to say?
"This is a tremendous win for speech."
"This could have been an utter disaster, but it appears to have all worked out in the end."
This is what you get when you drink the Statist Kool Aid all day and everyday. Here, let me sum up some reality for you people. Saying, "Hi, my name's So and So and I'd like you to vote for me" is speech, no matter how you cut it. The FEC still imposed restrictions on people and there is NO justification for that, other than those imposed by the government. The people just happen to be a subclass called "candidates". Maybe it'd be different if the subclass were..women? Perhaps ministers, gunowners or blacks? The fact that an agency of the State imposed any regulation is disastrous. They just made law and they aren't the Congress. This is the problem with incrementalism, folks.

And for those who think they're safe....stop counting your chickens. McCain and Feingold are still out there working against us and there's legislation pending even now, to further restrict free speech.

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