Sunday, January 29, 2006

No News Is Good News? An Update.

While many of us out here in the "free world" were sleeping in, attending services of one sort or another, spending time with our families or any number of other things Steve Kubby was huddled in a cell in Placer County, California, in a damp, cold cell without benefit of even so much as a blanket.

The most recent update I have run across was a letter from Michelle Kubby on their website, The Kubby Chronicles. From her description things do indeed look bleak. Even tho the "authorities" have consented to "allow" Steve Kubby an inferior form of medication, they have also forced him to sign a waiver absolving them of all guilt should he die while in their custody.

It seems that Placer has moved him from the infirmary to solitary confinement. He has a cell all to himself and he was freezing. Again they are ignoring his pleas for a blanket and have left him to shiver and chatter in a cold cell. Remember, this is in the foothills of the Western Sierra. It is very cold and the cold is a damp cold. I'm afraid he will be looking at getting pneumonia soon if he is not warmed up.

This is exactly the cruel and inhumane treatment I described to Canadian officials, that would happen if Steve were returned to the US. I also told them repeatedly that Steve would be immediately arrested upon his arrival at SFO, which is exactly what happened. Of course the Canadian government officials that judged our case responded to my pleas for protection from this grim future by turning a blind eye, ignoring evidence, and refusing to do the right thing when they could. They cannot see what they have done, for to do so would have to mean that they were wrong and have made a terrible life threatening mistake.

This, of course, is exactly the position that Placer is in. To admit that they are wrong about the life saving properties of cannabis is impossible. Better to test this theory out and see if it can really save a life.

Steve always liked to give us good news. So, the good news about today is that the Marinol is helping to control the rectal bleeding he was experiencing as well as the blood pressure. Of course Marinol does not contain the catacholimes present in the whole plant, and these have been shown by Dr. Guzman of Spain to have the properties of inhibiting a protein necessary for blood vessel development, which results in the cancer tissue being denied nutrients as well as teaching cancer cells to die.

With Marinol, Steve is only partly protected. Because Marinol uses only the THC active portion of the cannabis plant, his tumors are now free to grow again. This type of tumor is particularly apt to grow into the spinal cord, brain and organs.

And, as if that were not enough to get MY blood pressure up, we have this:

This all brings me to the most disturbing news of the day: Steve asked our friend to relay that Placer deputies have forced/ intimidated him into signing a waiver which states that Steve absolves Placer County of any responsibility if he dies in their care, because he has refused to take conventional, alpha and beta blocker blood pressure medication.

The problem with this medication, is that it only protects Steve from a certain level of blood pressure attacks. If Steve's body decides to raise his blood pressure over the protection of the alpha and beta blockers, then it will be like Mt. Vesuvius erupting and unless he is in a hospital with access to an IV drip, he will not get the blood pressure medication he would need to control the life threatening blood pressures wreaking his body.

Placer County is playing with fire. I pray that they educate themselves on what happens when fire gets out of control.

Your phone call, e-mail or fax could save us. Your voice could be the one that make the difference and saves our family!

What more could it possibly take to get someone off of their keister and into the streets? More than this, I imagine. While this is all occurring over the weekend, by careful deliberation and planning on the part of the "authorities", no doubt, the so-called Mainstream Media have been carefully ignoring the story. It is the weekend after all.

I can't say that I am "in the loop" for news of Mr. Kubby, anymore than lots of us out here are. I, like many other bloggers am passing along information from a variety of sources, some of whom are in contact with Mr. Kubby's family and intimate associates in the hopes that some regular reader picks up the banner and decides to join the fight for liberty and freedom.

There are some serious, and potentially life changing aspects to this story for me, too. As I stated in a previous post I was researching an article on medical marijuana, related to Steve Kubby's arrest and came upon the fact that my own mother could have benefitted from using it. If she were still alive and had been using medical marijuana then SHE could be in that same situation as Mr. Kubby. That makes this personal for me. In the end all of these cases are about family and friends. Make no mistake, Mr. Kubby and I have never met, it is likely that we never shall...even moreso now that he has fallen into the hands of the State and is at their "mercy", (a quality that all rational people know the State lacks), but he is a part of my family. The libertarian family. The Human Family. The Lakota have a phrase, "Mitakuye O'yasin". It means "All My Relations"...that covers Steve Kubby, my "cousin".

The life changing aspect of this comes in knowing who your friends are. Over the last few days I have sent a number of emails to friends asking them to aid in keeping Steve Kubby at the forefront of the blogosphere, in the hope that the "Mainstream Media" will get on the bandwagon and make this issue known via their news "services". Many of these are fellow libertarians, alternative medicine advocates, "patriots" and lovers of freedom. To date I have heard back from just one. One out of dozens of people whom I have a link with. And that one, (you know who you are, brother!) understands this. He's not an advocate for medical marijuana. He's an advocate for freedom and sovereign self. For responsibility and justice and he is my brother in arms.

As for the others...maybe they've gone fishing, decided to take time with their families or any number of things. Maybe it's not an "issue" for them. Perhaps it is a political matter and they cannot be seen to support medical marijuana, because it is not a local issue. Perhaps it it's because Steve Kubby and medical marijuana are far down the new list of Libertarian priorities in this election year and mustn't be addressed. I just don't know.

What I do know is that Steve Kubby is not having a good Sunday. He, unlike so many of us, is not surrounded by his family and beloved friends. He is surrounded by cold walls, armed guards and in the hands of an entity which wants him to go away. I don't know about you, folks but I'm going to take a moment today to hold my family a little closer, because I don't know if, or when I might find myself in Mr. Kubby's shoes.

What are you going to do today?

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James said...

I wrote a letter to Arnold Schwarzenegger, urging him to pardon Steve Kubby. I advise others to do the same.

Michael said...

And that is indeed a good idea!
Here is the adress for those wishing to make their voice heard. Considering Ahnolds past as a recreational user you'd think he might be inclined to grant clemency. Unfortunately, the State has shown a willingness to kill.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-445-4633

To send an Electronic Mail please visit: